Fridge: Orange Is The New Black

Fridge Brilliance

  • If you watch closely, it's actually Luschek the shop manager who gives Chapman the screwdriver at the beginning of day without giving her a chit. Even if Watson had written down all of the day's transactions, Chapman's screwdriver would still have gone missing.
  • Sister Ingalls convinces Sofia to sign her wife's divorce papers. This is seemingly minor until remembering Ingalls is a nun, and would be morally opposed to divorce. Ingalls does this out of compassion for her friend and without judgment, in contrast to Pennsatucky's brutal fanaticism.
  • The plot of "Thirsty Bird" is a direct reference to the prisoner's dilemma.
  • Red's seemingly throwaway line in Season 1 about all the black girls being on heroin makes a lot more sense when it is revealed that Vee is smuggling heroin into the prison, and probably had been doing the same during her previous prison stay.
  • Morello helps Piper deal with the racial segregation by telling her to "pretend it's the fifties." Her accent, hairstyle, make-up, and general outlook on life (such as wanting to settle down and be a housewife) are old-fashioned. This is related to her interest in West Side Story, set in the 1950s/early 1960s and focusing on race relations.
  • Two instances from the same dialogue. When Red confronts Boo for being a snitch and suggests she should join Vee, Boo says that maybe she will and sarcastically remarks that this might make her a race traitor. When Red dismisses her for good, Boo only says "Boo has Boo". Within the same episode, Vee shoots down Boo too for being a snitch, thus Boo unexpectedly is on her own for real and Healy reveals to Pensatucky that Boo's last name is Black, making the race traitor remark ironic in hindsight.
  • Although Aleida is perceived by Daya to be selfish and uncaring for her children, in the scene where Daya has just come in to make her younger sister some food, Aleida tells Cesar that eating mac and cheese will make him look uncool. He then gives Daya $20 to "go get some real food". It's not a lot, but she is keeping her dirtbag boyfriend from literally taking food out of her children's mouths.

Fridge Horror

  • Knowing what we know about Lorna's actual relationship with Christopher makes one wonder if Nicky is entirely safe maintaining an on-again, off-again romance with her.
  • After the revelation of Vee's true nature, it becomes clear that she was only at the adoption fair to recruit vulnerable orphans for her drug empire.