Fridge / Oliver Twist

Fridge Brilliance
  • Throughout the novel, Nancy experiences fits of laughter and angry outbursts, lashing out at Fagin in particular. Her intense mood swings are signs of someone who has experienced severe and ongoing psychological trauma. Sikes physically abuses Nancy, but he probably isn't the first person who has victimized her. Nancy lives among beggars and criminals, so she has probably witnessed (and experienced) violence and poverty throughout her life. Moreover, she is implied to be a prostitute, so she has very likely experienced violence at the hands of her customers for years. When Dickens created her character, he probably based her mood swings off of the trauma reactions of people he met in real life.
    • Not only that but Nancy is shown to be an alcoholic, a symptom of which is erratic behavior.
      • Especially back then, when much of the cheap alcohol available to someone like Nancy would be flavored with additives like turpentine.

Fridge Logic
  • Too Good to Be True is served up with a side of Spoiled by the Format here: in one chapter little Oliver's life is going so well and is so perfect that you just know it can't last, and surprise, surprise...