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Fridge / North

  • Fridge Brilliance: If you think about it, it all makes sense when it's revealed that it was all a dream. This reflects how an eleven year old kid views the world and why Bruce Willis keeps appearing every five seconds.
    • To elaborate: Just about everything, from the court room to the various stereotypes, are bizarre unrealistic parodies that in no way reflect how these people, places, and things are in real life. North has never actually been to any of these places in his life, so of course they appear this way in his dream world.
    • So it's not the director who's a stupid racist, it's just North who's the stupid racist.
      • Shouldn't the fact that an 11 year old views the world this stereotypically count as Fridge Horror? Especially considering that nearly all of the stereotypes were very mean-spirited in the first place.
      • 11 year olds generally have nothing else to go on beyond their immediate family and school but a few vague stereotypes. Even in the area they deal with everyday, they assume a lot of cruel stereotypes about parents, teachers, kids with different interests, and so on. It isn't nice, but it's accurate.
    • Then why do people think the movie sucks? It achieved its purpose of showing us how a 11 year old thinks the world around him. Sure, it may be racist but if that is the point then let it be. Come to think of it, how is it that the people think that it's the DIRECTOR the racist asshole when this kind of thing happens?
      • People see the "it was just a dream" type endings as lazy cop-outs. And even though the movie is shown from the dream of an 11-year-old, that doesn't really make the stereotypes less offensive or jarring to watch.
      • Not to mention the jokes fall SO flat that a lot of people will turn it off BEFORE they realize it was a dream.
    • The real Unfortunate Implications is that North got these stereotypes from watching television and movies.
    • But isn't North supposed to be a child prodigy? A kid of his intelligence should know at least a little more about the world than crude stereotypes.
      • Being intelligent doesn't stop a person from being prejudiced.
      • Also, not all eleven year old kids are bigots.
  • This might be unintentional, but North's Alaskan parents start whistling The Andy Griffith Show's theme song while ice fishing. The theme song is called "The Fishin' Hole."