Fridge / Ninjago

Fridge Brilliance

  • The city in which the Great Devourer is located in is called Ouroboros. It is also the position in which the Great Devourer is both found and defeated in — with its tail in its mouth. An ouroboros represents a cycle. Lloyd also has an ouroboros as his symbol.
  • Nya's favorite color is blue. The only known image of her mother shows her wearing blue. Images of Kai's father in the same book at least suggest that the outfits in those illustrations are those characters' default outfits.
  • The title "Masters of Spinjitzu" not only describes the four Ninja, it also refers to The First Spinjitzu Master and Lloyd Garmadon, who becomes the new Spinjitzu master in Episode 26.
  • Krux's distaste for modern technology is only natural when you consider he's Time Powers focused on the backwards and halted flow of time. The same can be said for Acronix's love for modern technology considering he's Time Powers focused on the forward and accelerated flow of time.

Fridge Horror:

  • Pythor's been digested by the Great Devourer. And he has been stated to be the last of the Anacondrai. The Serpentine just lost one of their tribes.
    • He got better.
  • It sure is a good thing Lloyd had a Heel–Face Turn BEFORE he discovered he was the Green Ninja...imagine what he'd be like otherwise.
    • He would have ended up like his father.
  • Zane is going to outlive all the other ninjas.
    • Unless he commits suicide or wipes his memories again...which wouldn't really be better, but still.
    • As of Titanium Ninja... Well, Heroic Sacrifice sounds nice, doesn't it?
  • When the Ninjas enter a maze that give glimpses of their future selves as their reflections, Cole is unable to see his own reflection. Although at first, it seems like just a gag, but then Zane points out that ghosts have reflections - and presumably, a future, which makes it horrific to believe that Cole might not have a future.
    • Fortunately, this actually foreshadows Cole learning the ability to turn invisible, as explained in "Infamous".
  • When you think about it, the Disproportionate Retribution the Serpentine got following the war. Yes, they were at war with humans, but that's still no excuse to literally round up EVERY MEMBER of the ENTIRE species, including the women and children, and then stuff them into claustrophobic tombs with limited food supplies for what they intended to be for ALL OF TIME. Even IF the Serpentine soldiers committed war crimes, it's still pretty monstrous to lock up the ENTIRE species indiscriminately for such an action- Case in point, when the Allied Forces won against Germany, they didn't go about placing EVERY German citizen and soldier, regardless of sex, age, and status into Concentration Camps or anything like that. Heck, even most of the Nazi soldiers were given light punishment for their involvement. This, and the fact that the humans used the power they had to actually perform such an action clearly illustrates What Measure Is A Nonhuman.
    • Even worse when one realizes that an entire FIFTH of the species was MURDERED in one stroke, essentially straight up GENOCIDE, through cannibalism inflicted on one another since they had no more food- which means that either the children starved, or else they ate the flesh of their own kind- assuming they weren't eaten themselves while alive. And they probably saw this happen to their PARENTS, too.
    • Also, the fact that Arcturus and the Anacondrai generals are DIRECTLY banished to Hell - not executed humanely, but sent DIRECLTY to Hell.
  • Nya kills the Preeminent, essentially destroying the Cursed Realm in the process, alongside HUNDREDS, if not more, Ghost Warriors. Not only does this kill the ghosts, it kills EVERYONE trapped in the Cursed Realm; the Anacondrai Cultists, Garmadon, and if Morro's boast over his master's power is any indication, the recently-devoured souls of Stiix citizens. It's also likely many other innocent souls have been banished there before (just like Garmadon had been), so they're dead. And with the destruction of the Cursed Realm comes the destruction of Djinjago, and every Djinn in existence save for Nadakhan; In other words, Nya's killed at least a thousand people in one fell swoop, and likely has the largest body count on her hands than any character in the entire SERIES.
  • If Pythor devouring his tribe (including more than likely his own family members and several of the children) wasn't nightmarish enough, there's the fact that he has RECIPES for Serpentine. I repeat - RECIPES that he keeps on his personal being. The guy wasn't JUST a one-time cannibal; he's an ACTIVE one, a person who liked the taste of his own species so much that he made elaborate recipes for devouring his own kind! What's even worse is that, to make recipes, one needs to experiment a bit, meaning he likely ate multiple Serpentine just to make the recipes... and, again, the fact that he has them on his being and even made them in the first place indicates he WANTS to keep eating others; In other words, Pythor eats his own people as a HOBBY. This guy's basically Ninjago's Hannibal Lecter.
  • Pythor casually labeling suicide as a spectacular exit. Even if he didn't really plan to kill himself and was faking it, the fact that he intended to fool Misako and Lloyd by stating it as such really makes you wonder about his mental state, alongside his aforementioned hobby of eating his own kind.
  • And for one MORE Pythor thing, let's look at his casual logic for killing Lloyd; he aided in the death of someone, so he might as well finish the job by murdering his son (and likely wife, because he tried to kill her too) in cold blood. Pythor wouldn't just be satisfied with murdering you - he'd have to kill YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY, and feels OBLIGATED to do so.
  • Season 6 reveals that with the death of the Preeminent, it has destabilised Djinjago as one of the other 16 realms of Ninjago. Khanjikhan couldn't do anything except watch his realm fall apart around him.
  • Doubloon, an incredibly talkative human, being rendered mute by Nadakhan and given two inhuman, alternating faces. His own inability to even properly express and convey his horror at the change is pretty unnerving in itself, but even moreso when you consider that Nadakhan inflicted this on him without Doubloon directly wishing for it - indicating the Djinn has a lot more autonomy with inflicting horrifying fates on others than people would like to think.
  • Cole fading. If the idea of dying was pretty horrible in itself, just the idea that you're fading from the memories of everyone else, becoming forgotten and non-existent in their lives, is specially terrifying, especially since Cole is fully aware this is what's happening. Also, the idea that the only reason Cole tried to kill Yang wasn't to save the world and become mortal again, but rather to straight up MURDER him - Cole was literally using his final moments to commit bloody revenge! Granted, it worked out in the end and his anger is justified, especially as Yang deserved retribution for his crimes, but it's still a bit unnerving to realize one of our good-hearted protagonists is going on a quest to KILL a helpless enemy who's no longer a threat, and believes him to be one, too.
  • It is disturbingly common for a villain to be able to force the heroes to fight their loved ones. And if that isn't bad enough, at least once the possessed person (Lloyd) was not only aware the entire time but able to cry for help. Help that couldn't be given.

Fridge Logic

  • How exactly did Lord Garmadon have a son? He became evil when he was a child, and Lloyd looks like he's about eight, and who exactly would be willing to have a child with the lord of all evil? For that matter, if he's apparently older than Sensei Wu, who looks like he's ancient, how would that even be biologically possible?
    • To make things even more confusing, Lord Garmadon was trapped in the underworld for several decades, judging by Sensei Wu's own age. How did he get back to the world of Ninjago to have a child in the first place when he was stuck in another dimension?
    • Maybe Lloyd wasn't born in the traditional sense and was created by magic or something.
      • Yeah, that makes much more sense considering Lord Garmadon is actually a living corpse and his apparent mother is only a bit younger than Sensei Wu...
      • Perhaps the magic that made Lord Garmadon evil slowed Lloyd's aging, meaning Lloyd's later aging was (even if partially) making up for that.
    • Season 4 shows flashbacks of a handsome and human young Garmadon in the beginning of a relationship with an equally young Misako. The one thing we know about the Ninjago timeline is that it is seriously screwed up.
  • At the end of Episode 4 "Weapons of Destiny", one of the ninjas suggested a High Five. Given what LEGO people have for hands, what's a High Five for them?
    • Various bits of dialogue on the show seem to indicate that Ninjago characters, unlike Lego Movie characters, are not actually minifigures.