Fridge / Ninjago

Fridge Brilliance

  • The city in which the Great Devourer is located in is called Ouroboros. It is also the position in which the Great Devourer is both found and defeated in — with its tail in its mouth. An ouroboros represents a cycle. Lloyd also has an ouroboros as his symbol.
  • Nya's favorite color is blue. The only known image of her mother shows her wearing blue. Images of Kai's father in the same book at least suggest that the outfits in those illustrations are those characters' default outfits.
  • The title "Masters of Spinjitzu" not only describes the four Ninja, it also refers to The First Spinjitzu Master and Lloyd Garmadon, who becomes the new Spinjitzu master in Episode 26.

Fridge Horror:

  • Pythor's been digested by the Great Devourer. And he has been stated to be the last of the Anacondrai. The Serpentine just lost one of their tribes.
  • It sure is a good thing Lloyd had a Heel–Face Turn BEFORE he discovered he was the Green Ninja...imagine what he'd be like otherwise.
    • He would have ended up like his father.
  • Zane is going to outlive all the other ninjas.
    • Unless he commits suicide or wipes his memories again...which wouldn't really be better, but still.
  • When the Ninjas enter a maze that give glimpses of their future selves as their reflections, Cole is unable to see his own reflection. Although at first, it seems like just a gag, but then Zane points out that ghosts have reflections - and presumably, a future, which makes it horrific to realize that since Cole might not have a future.
  • The description for Ninjago Vol 9 says the Nindroids try to lure Zane to their side, throwing his loyalty into question. Then you see the description of Vol 10 and it doesn't list Zane with the other ninjas.
  • Nya kills the Preeminent, essentially destroying the Cursed Realm in the process, alongside HUNDREDS, if not more, Ghost Warriors. Not only does this kill the ghosts, it kills EVERYONE trapped in the Cursed Realm; the Anacondrai Cultists, Garmadon, and if Morro's boast over his master's power is any indication, the recently-devoured souls of Stiix citizens. It's also likely many other innocent souls have been banished there before (just like Garmadon had been), so they're dead. And with the destruction of the Cursed Realm comes the destruction of Djinjago, and every Djinn in existence save for Nadakhan; In other words, Nya's killed at least a thousand people in one fell swoop, and likely has the largest body count on her hands than any character in the entire SERIES.

Fridge Logic

  • How exactly did Lord Garmadon have a son? He became evil when he was a child, and Lloyd looks like he's about eight, and who exactly would be willing to have a child with the lord of all evil? For that matter, if he's apparently older than Sensei Wu, who looks like he's ancient, how would that even be biologically possible?
    • To make things even more confusing, Lord Garmadon was trapped in the underworld for several decades, judging by Sensei Wu's own age. How did he get back to the world of Ninjago to have a child in the first place when he was stuck in another dimension?
      • Maybe Lloyd wasn't born in the traditional sense and was created by magic or something.
      • Yeah, that makes much more sense considering Lord Garmadon is actually a living corpse and his apparent mother is only a bit younger than Sensei Wu... Hopefully this gets explained later this season.
      • Adopted, maybe?
      • Perhaps the magic that made Lord Garmadon evil slowed Lloyd's aging, meaning Lloyd's later aging was (even if partially) making up for that.
    • Season 4 shows flashbacks of a handsome and human young Garmadon in the beginning of a relationship with an equally young Misako. The one thing we know about the Ninjago timeline is that it is seriously screwed up.
  • At the end of Episode 4 "Weapons of Destiny", one of the ninjas suggested a High Five. Given what LEGO people have for hands, what's a High Five for them?
    • Various bits of dialogue on the show seem to indicate that Ninjago characters, unlike Lego Movie characters, are not actually minifigures.