Fridge / NieR

Fridge Horror

  • Thanks to background information presented in the game and in the Grimoire Nier, we know that the only force holding most of the Gestalts that still maintained their own identity has been the Shadowlord, whose existence acts as a stabilizing factor. The Shadowlord (Nier's Gestalt) was specifically created to keep all other Gestalts from lapsing into Shades and forgetting who they were. And since Nier destroys the Shadowlord, this means that all Gestalts will now lapse into Shades.
  • Replicants can only live if their Gestalts haven't relapsed yet. Yonah has the Black Scrawl (and always will no matter how many Replicants of her are made) because her Gestalt wasn't stable when placed into stasis.
  • This also means that there are no happy endings in this game.
    • If you get either ending A or B where Nier, Yonah and Kaine all live? Yonah will die soon anyhow because her Gestalt is now gone. Nier will likely die first though since his Gestalt was the Shadowlord and Kaine will follow once her own Gestalt has lapsed.
    • Ending C still means Nier and Yonah won't survive much longer, given that both of their Gestalts are now gone.
    • Ending D has Kainé turn into a true human meaning there's no worry of her Gestalt relapsing, but according to the Drama CDs, Ending C is probably the kinder ending if you actually care about her. Following Nier's sacrifice, Kaine is plagued by foggy memories of him. She cries whenever she sees a Lunar Tear and begins lusting after men who resemble Nier. And she can't understand why any of this is happening to her. The strain is shown in one particular Drama CD track to be breaking her down mentally.
    • However the short story canonically called ending E, "The Lost World" given by Grimoire Nier, a book published exclusively in Japan (and fan translated), does have Nier and Kainé meet in the Forest of Myth a few months after Ending D of the game. [1]
  • One entry in the Apocalyptic Log loading screen is "I can hear sounds". Drakengard's final boss in the E path is introduced by "I. Hear. A. Sound." This hints that the Queen Grotesquerie was responsible for whatever happened in Nier's world.
  • Certain Shades in-game carry items like used coloring books and old schoolbooks. Now, why would they be carrying those? Well, what kind of person usually uses schoolbooks and coloring books? Children. And those Shades are rather small...isn't it possible that those Shades are the Gestalts of children?

Fridge Brilliance

  • This game is based on ending E of Drakengard, which required collecting every weapon in the game. This led many players to believe that collecting every weapon would have some relevance to the ending. We know now this was not the case. However, a lot of those weapons are available in the world of Nier. In a sense, the reward for collecting them is the availability in Nier!
  • The DLC weapons also count. Their description reveals some references to Caim.
  • A somewhat meta one, but Yoko Taro has stated that the game was inspired by the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th, 2001, in that the attacks made him realize that anyone can commit acts of great evil if they believe they are in the right. Nier's birthday in-game is revealed in one of Yonah's letters as being September 11th.