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Fridge: Nicktoons Unite
Fridge Brilliance
  • Along with a whole lot of other Invader Zim fans, it irked me that in Nicktoons: Globs of Doom, Zim joins with the heroes by lying while Dib is stuck with the Legion of Doom, even after he rambles about the fact that he's not a villain (No one bothers to listen to him). Then I remembered that Zim saw himself as the only one worthy of conquering that little blue planet and that Dib is a Butt Monkey (both of these facts are not pointed out in-game; you'd have to be a Zim fan to know those) and now, that part of the plot seems much more clever. —Pikawil
    • Zim and Dib's placement in Globs may seem sacrilegious at first glance, but it's actually extremely logical. Zim gets grouped with the heroes even though he doesn't really deserve the title, and Dib is forced to be a villain even though he just wants to do good. Those are the base definitions of Villain Protagonist and Hero Antagonist, which are exactly the roles that Zim and Dib play on their own show. Both of them are on exactly the teams that they're supposed to be, it's just harder to see since Invader Zim follows Black and Gray Morality rather than the more cut and dry Black and White Morality that the other Nicktoon shows lean toward.

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