Fridge / NiGHTS into Dreams...

Fridge Brilliance

  • How did Helen know how to play Dreams Dreams? Simple: one of her levels had her playing it, and she could see the notes! (Either that, or she's just a genius and could play it by ear right away.)
    • Said level was expressly in the Forest of Memory, so maybe she already knew the song anyways?
  • The town in which Claris and Elliot live in the original game is called Twin Seeds. The game centers around the two kids overcoming their inhibitions and growing as a result of their experiences.
    • Don't forget the name of the "La La La" song Claris sings is Sowing Seeds.
  • This troper's seen a few creepypasta for NiGHTS, and they're EXTREMELY different. A few days later, it hit me. Of course they're different, they're the nightmares that the writers had. One was about Selph, and what had become of it, another was about a lover...

Fridge Horror

  • In his backstory, Wizeman was a Visitor who lost all his Ideya. Now, remember that every Visitor we've seen so far is a kid...
    • Visitors are just dreaming humans. There's nothing that says adults can't be Visitors either.
  • The entire series, when one comes to realize that, at the root of it all, it's essentially the story of a bunch of nightmare demons fighting over the 'souls' of sleeping kids.
  • Wizeman and Reala's treatment of NiGHTS is definitely abuse (though Reala is treated cruelly also), which makes you wonder how bad things got when NiGHTS was a resident of Nightmare...especially if he was always "not scary enough" and/or warmhearted.