* Spider-Woman was used as MsFanservice since the "New Avengers" were first formed, with that tight red SensualSpandex. SecretInvasion come some time later... and now, if you read those issues again and get distracted by the MostCommonSuperPower, you have to realize [[spoiler:that she's actually ''a shape-shifting lizard-like alien'']]. Talk about being DistractedByTheSexy.

* Marvel continuity in the wake of the "Possession" arc -- Comicbook/DoctorStrange gives the office and artifacts of "Sorcerer Supreme" over to Brother Voodoo... who promptly gets them destroyed along with himself. But there are still {{Eldritch Abomination}}s out there who would love to turn Earth in a torture-filled theme park -- and no Sorcerer Supreme with the capacity to stop them.
** Finally resolved in the "Drumm of Revenge" arc, which saw Strange reinstated and given back the Eye of Agamotto and the power of his office. Though the idea of a Sorcerer Supreme -- just one person standing between Earth and someone like Dormammu -- is pretty scary in and of itself.