Fridge / Nature of Nature's Art

Fridge Brilliance

  • Anyone who does their research on spiders will notice that the scientific name Lycosa gulosa isn't used anymore. Braun admitted that he had used an outdated source of research when this was brought up early in the arc... except it later turned out that this was deliberate. Who's the ninth and final member of Venom 8? Gladicosa gulosa - and that's the modern scientific name of that species. Lycosa and Venom 8 have clashing ideologies. In other words, it's symbolic, as well as very clever foreshadowing.
    • How clever? Lycosa is somehow immediately identified by every single Venom 8 antagonist, and by all spiders in support of them who have heard of a Lycosa gulosa who is attacking Venom 8. The spiders have already transitioned to the nomenclature Gladicosa gulosa for her species— going by her old genus is what gave Lycosa away all along!
  • What non-combat purpose does the "Power of I" metanoia have? At the very end of the Lycosa storyline, Lycosa adopts the orphaned eggsacs of the defeated Venom 8, all of different species from her own. The "Power of I" lets her effectively impersonate these species, enabling her to raise her widely diverse adopted young as well as their biological mothers would. Fridge heartwarming!

Fridge Horror

  • In this setting, all animals are sapient. Lycosa shows that this includes insects - insects which at least some of the bigger animals happily eat, and think of as "fruit with legs". Um...