!{{Fridge Brilliance}}
* So far, the known Namesakes and their “worlds” are: Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk), Wendy (Peter Pan), and Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz). What do all these characters do in their respective stories? They're people from the “normal” world who go to far-away lands and change things while they're there. Hence the premise of the comic.
* The secret society devoted to protecting Namesakes is named Calliope. In ClassicalMythology, Calliope is the muse of epic poetry.
!{{Fridge Horror}}
* When telling the story of the Dorothies they say that they "never age but always die" and in the monument to the Dorothies, we see [[spoiler: a long row of human skeletons laid out on the floor.]] This could be taken to mean that almost all of the Dorothies since the original have died in Oz... which is to say that they never went home.
** Not really. If the canon of the first six books is the same as each Dorothy's adventure, then they actually all went home; then came back later to live in Oz forever (Possibly with relatives).
* In this version of Wonderland, Jack has a full deck of cards in his pocket, all of which turn into soldiers. In the original [[Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' ]], the deck of cards makes up not only the Queen of Hearts' army but her entire court. [[StealthPun Only the clubs are soldiers; the spades are gardeners and the diamonds are courtiers.]] The hearts, though? Those are the Queen's children. Suddenly Fred's youthful appearance seems a tad less cute - it could just be a stylistic choice for an ageless character, or [[ChildSoldiers he could actually be that young.]]