Fridge / My Babysitter's a Vampire

Fridge Logic
  • Aging or non-aging by vampires. There's a "little girl" on the Vampire Council, Sarah mentions "being 17 forever"...but Rory's noticeably older in Season 2 than he was in the movie.
  • The bad future shown to Ethan by Coach Ed in "Friday Night Frights" is already strange at first, but then Sarah comes in with Kurt. In that fake future, Sarah "marries" Kurt and they live together. Events further in the episode show that Coach Ed did not know that Sarah was only near Kurt to see if he had been bitten by Erica. However, it has never been mentioned whether or not Coach Ed actually knows that there are vampires in Whitechapel. Seems like he doesn't. As an example, if he knew Sarah was a vampire, he wouldn't have placed her in the role of a girl married to a "not-vampire". Really, this all boils down to whether or not Ed knows about vampires in Whitechapel.

Fridge Horror