Fridge: Monk

Fridge Brilliance
  • In "Mr. Monk Gets Fired", Monk is auditioning for an editorial job, and in Monk's stiff and unemotional manner (it is funny to watch, and good acting on the part of Tony Shalhoub), he tries to break the ice with a joke from Marmaduke. I gave a short chuckle due to the way Monk performed the joke and failed to break the ice. At first, I didn't get it, and I also didn't get why he would like a comic based on something he is afraid of. But while at dinner that night, I laughed and finally got why Monk's joke was worse than I thought: him telling a Marmaduke joke was futile because it is a very visual strip and does not translate well to a verbal joke. I also figured out why he likes the strip: it isn't funny. He isn't a very fun person (he's fun to watch though) and getting humor out of a dry and unfunny strip shows just how dull of a person he is. Who knew there was that much depth in a throw away joke! But, everything in Monk is deep, considering it is a Howdunnit. The joke is funny, deep, and fits well with theme and the character. Man, the scriptwritters are AWESOME!
  • At first the reveal of Trudy's killer and his motive seemed to come out of nowhere, but in hindsight the point was that in the end Rickover was really no different from all the other guys Monk imprisoned. He was just a petty little man who killed for petty reasons.
  • Monk's phobia of milk seems silly when you hear it, but it makes sense knowing that he's a germophobic and he most likely relates milking a cow to a cow peeing out milk or the whole process of milking very unsanitary. Or because of how easy it is for even ultra pasteurized milk to go bad.
  • In the first five seasons of the show, Monk only drinks Sierra Springs water (a real brand). Then, beginning in season 6, for what seemed like no apparent reason, the writers changed Monk's brand of water to Summit Creek (a fictitious brand). Then I had a Eureka Moment: in "Mr. Monk Bumps His Head," when Monk wakes up in a small Wyoming town with amnesia after an attack at a truck stop, he goes to a diner for food and he can't remember his brand of water when he asks the waitress. She brings him water, though she doesn't specify what brand. I realized that the water Monk had in that diner could only be Summit Creek!
    • Actually confirmable if you look at the water bottle on the table. The writing on the bottle is not clear, but it is consistent with the Summit Creek logo whenever that brand is brought up.

Fridge Horror
  • Some people found it satisfying that the clue to Trudy's murder was inside the last Christmas present Trudy gave him before her death, but it's actually quite disturbing when you think about it. If Monk would have watched that video years ago, not only would he have solved the murder much sooner, but he would in fact have prevented Rickover from being able to hire Joey Kazarinski to kill Dr. Malcolm Nash.
    • Why didn't someone tell him to open the box earlier?
  • Here's a small one: at the end of "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine", Sharona tosses the bottle of Monk's new prescription medicine Dioxynl into a dumpster. What's to prevent a junkie from crawling around and discovering it?