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Fridge: Metropolis
Fridge Brilliance
  • I both love and complain about Metropolis a lot. One of the things that had never made sense to me in all my viewings of the film and readings of the book was Joh Fredersen's Evil Plan that destroys the city. At first the whole thing seemed crazy and haphazard, and that Fredersen was simply making a lot of stupid decisions without thinking out the consequences. Then I realized what really happens. Fredersen exploits the workers' anger and drives them to violent rebellion so he'll have an excuse to crush their otherwise legitimate peaceful reform movement. To achieve this end he enlists Rotwang, knowing full well that the scientist is desperate for a chance for revenge, and waits for his friend to monologue about his vengeance so that he'll have an excuse to attack and kill him too, just like he did to the workers. (This explains why he just happens to be listening outside the window at that exact moment.) He takes advantage of the crisis to give his spoiled son a crash-course in leadership, and allows Maria to "accidentally" enter the Eternal Gardens because he knows his son will follow a pretty girl anywhere and do whatever she says. Although he feigns ignorance of his son's whereabouts, he must know full well that his son is in the machine rooms during the uprising because they suddenly meet at the Crosses of Golgotha. At the end, Fredersen and his son and his future daughter-in-law are unharmed, his crazed rival is dead, and a very costly city (whose residents are now entirely dependent on him to survive) will need to be rebuilt - under the guidance of his son, who will now assume the reins and give Fredersen the freedom to enjoy the things that really matter in life. Everything worked out completely to his advantage, and any accusations of causing the crisis can easily be pinned on the now-dead Rotwang. Thea von Harbou, I completely underestimated you. - Technicolor Pachyderm
  • The tipping point for the revolution seems to be the construction of the Ziggurat. Why? You notice the wide, spacious area full of modern, low-rise buildings surrounding it -and the lack of all surface slums...

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