Fridge / Looking for Group

Fridge Brilliance
  • The elaborate plot to mold Cale into the king of Kethenecia may seem like the obligatory Designated Hero trope, but starts to make sense when we learn that it's also prepared him to take on Tavor, now king of Legara.
    • Later revealed to be the exact opposite, with two unknown people discussing Tavor, having apparently used him to push Cale into uniting several races under Kethnecia's banner and so preparing him for something else...
  • Since Looking for Group is about fantasy settings, and especially World of Warcraft, it always seemed strange that orcs, one of the most important fantasy species, was not represented among the characters. There were even Tauren, but no orcs. Then it dawned on me: Benny is an orc shaman. — Vendel
    • Priestess, actually. The comic takes a few artistic liberties, one of them being that orcs can't be priests. — Gallows
    • Except for her being a troll.
    • Taking the World of Warcraft reference one step further, look at the characters involved: an elf whose race had turned evil, an undead, an orc, and a bipedal cow. And they were fighting humans. Up until they took on the dwarf, they were one race away from being the Horde.
    • Richard maintains his immortality by killing innocents. He's a warlock. Warlocks gain their power from stealing the souls of the people they kill.
  • Richard piling on the cheesy jokes post-Cerebus when he's possessed the crown of Legara may well be less Trolling and more stalling.
  • Those funny asides when Richard's head and body were separated. When we find the body, it's frolicking with children and flowers. Suddenly the glimpses of Richard's past don't seem so farfetched anymore.
  • Put Benny and Tah'vraay together in a room. They really DO look alike.
  • That village of people that Richard Slaughtered? They were both infected with the undead plague and innocent. So Richard can fuel his powers while still doing something good.

Fridge Horror

  • Maikos the skeleton chained his mother to a reef at the bottom of the sea when they were traveling to Kethenecia. And later in the story, the Skele-people of Richard's town become mortal again. I really hope someone came to pick her up.