Fridge / Little Monsters

Fridge Horror

  • Brian, Eric, and the other kids have no way of explaining how the Hell they got to California without either telling the same "lies" their parents have been punishing them for the whole movie, or proving to their parents that the world under the bed really exists and that monsters are real.
  • Boy wears the skin and clothes of what appears to be an English private school student over his monster body, and it's already started to rot. The other monsters pull pranks and get kids in serious trouble, but Boy killed a kid and wears his skin. Maybe he's the only monster who ''wants'' to be a real human boy again? Is that why he's ''in charge''?
  • The kids who were framed for the monsters' pranks. It was played for laughs, but what happens when they finish their punishments and still insist they didn't do it? Or worse, what happens if they convince themselves they did?