Fridge / Life With Louie

Fridge Brilliance

  • It sets in once neighbourhood loud-mouth Jen Glen loses her voice. For the duration of her lost voice, Andy is calm even going so far as not knowing what Louie is talking about once he mentions the war - to prove a point to his mother, see main page. However, once her voice is back, Andy goes back to his war-remembering persona. That's right, Jen Glen is such a loud mouth, that it actually might trigger traumatic episodes in Andy!
  • It's quite fitting that Andy's favorite car is a Rambler, considering he's quite fond of rambling about his experiences in the war.
  • As seen under Alternative Character Interpretation on the YMMV page, a lot of Andy's war stories make a lot more sense if you consider it to be him coping with being a Shell-Shocked Veteran.

Fridge Horror

  • Although later episodes hint a loving relationship, Jen Glen's verbally (and sometimes physically) abusive behavior towards just about everyone can make one wonder if that's what might have screwed up Glen Glen.
  • Seeing the series and then realizing how the real Louie Anderson's father was an alcoholic wife-beater and his real childhood was quite horrible can lead to a lot of this.