Fridge / Liar Liar

Fridge Brilliance
  • When Fletcher gets Samantha to admit that she lied about her age so she get married, he triumphantly shouts "AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!" at the top of his lungs. When you think about this a minute, you realize that's actually a fairly accurate description of what follows: However legally dubious it might be in Real Life, in the context of the movie, the truth set Samantha free from her contract.
  • This Troper always thought Audrey's boyfriend bared some slight resemblance to Fletcher, even having some of the same facial expressions. At first I thought that was odd.... until I realized that might have been deliberate. Audrey got driven away from Fletcher.... only to start dating a guy who looks like him.

Fridge Relief
  • When Max was getting Fletcher to prove he had to tell the truth, good thing he didn't ask about Santa Claus...