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Fridge: League of Legends
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • It's stated that Nami is searching for a group of people with a "Moonstone". It's fairly obvious, though not stated that she's searching for the Lunari (Diana's people), who are all about the moon. This isn't so impressive to figure out. However, when you consider how closely related the moon and the tide is (and Nami is the Tidecaller), this relationship becomes a lot more symbolic and clever.
      • This also leads to a little bit of Fridge Horror when you realize she's looking for the Lunari, who were almost entirely eliminated by the Solari (which is probably why the traditional bearer of the Moonstone didn't show up).
    • The lore shows champions doing extremely powerful things prior to their League admittance: from Maokai nearly destroying the entire Twisted Treeline along with all champions and spectators, Kayle using her typically one-target ultimate on everyone to protect them from the previous champion's Vengeful Maelstrom, to Renekton easily putting down his brother and getting past three opponents before being stopped. Just feels like Riot wants the champions to look incredibly awesome at first, but then again the Institute of War is probably heavily toning down their strengths when they enter the Fields of Justice. Now imagine what they could do if they had all the champions under their control at the same time in which they gave them full access to their powers.
    • Talon's title, The Blade's Shadow. He worked under General Du Couteau, and in French "Couteau" means "knife."
    • The ammoral mutant scientists in League of Legends both have a damage dealing spell that does a percentage of health (Warwick and Mundo). Guess they know enough about Runeterran anatomy so that they do damage on a unit's maximum health. Likewise most of the Void Champions have a silence.
    • Why does Thresh, a sadistic monster, spend so much time being helpful and saving his teammates? He wants them stronger before he takes their souls too.
    • Sona, despite being able to "speak" to her summoner has no vocal emotes. This is because emotes can be heard by other summoners and Sona is in fact mute. Despite being able to telepathically talk, playing her instrument is the only way to "taunt" or "tell jokes"
    • After accidentally destroying a village with a failed summoner spell, Lee Sin vowed to never use magic again. In-game, Lee Sin does not use Mana; instead, he uses Energy.
    • Zac and his Casual Danger Dialogue. His dialogue sounds the most like a Real Life person than any other champion. He actually says "How's it going?" and "Why thanks! I do work out." in the middle of beating his enemies to death. It's because he was raised by loving parents (well, the married scientists that created him anyway) and had a very normal upbringing (by Real Life standards).
    • How can Lissandra be admitted into the League even as a high risk target? Season 3 has a lot of Freljord themed items. She came in with a huge bribe...
    • Why would Pantheon, who even without memetic mutation, is very sturdy and focused, want to be a baker of all things? Well, his village would most likely always be strained for food, so a baker would most likely be just as important to them as strong warriors. As well as the fact that even if he forces himself to be a baker, there won't be enough supplies to bake enough cakes, so if he can make his village and ways be known via League of Legends, he may be able to ensure more food supplies for the village, thus he can become a baker.
    • Janna occasionally shivers as a part of her idle animations. Could put it down to her incredibly skimpy attire, or the fact her entire movelist concerns wind. A chilling winter wind, anyone?
    • Much like Shyvana's gauntlets serve to resemble a dragon's head when she puts her inner end of her right hand over the inner end of her left (displayed in an idle animation), her odd choice of covering her ponytail with armor plates let her mimic a dragon's tail while as a human. This would also probably explain why she's barely armored, with what she wears greatly resembling her scales while she's a dragon - it's less for protecting herself and more for just barely conforming to human concepts of decency while making her feel as much as a dragon as she can while still in the form of a human
    • Yasuo's original preview painted him in a downright villainous light, making him look as combat-hungry as someone like Zed, when in actuality he's The Atoner and merely cocky at his worst. This is because the preview was written by his brother who, much like the rest of his clan, believed that Yasuo was responsible for their Elder's death. The playerbase was fooled just like Yasuo's friends and family.
    • The void monster champions all seem to consume because they have a distinct longing for something. One may say there's a void that they just can't fill.
    • In the new lore, Cassiopeia is cursed from a trap in the tomb that had Xerath and Renekton locked in it. The tomb was opened by Sivir's boomerang. It's also now known that Sivir is Azir's descendent. In short: If Cassiopeia let Sivir open the tomb herself, she likely wouldn't be cursed. Epic Fail caused by Genre Blindness much?
    • The much maligned-retconning of the in-universe League could have a point to it. It was backed by extremely powerful summoners, which means any threat to Valoran's safety was squelched immediately. One can see this in the backstory to the Crystal Scar; it was a war zone, complete with hextech nukes, until the Institute said "No. Stoppit." and stopped time around it. They could have done that at any point during the story, could still do that at any point. Which means that the Black Mist of the Harrowing is nothing more than a heavy fog to them, The Void becomes a mere annoyance in their presence, and the Demacia/Noxus cold war has no means of going hot without drawing the Institute's ire. They are literally a Story-Breaker Power.
    • This a gameplay thing. Twisted Fate has the ability Pick A Card, which presents him with three card choices. One card stuns, another card deals splash damage and slows, while the third card restores Twisted Fate's mana. This mana-replenishing card always gives you more mana than it takes to cast the ability. But after playing a lot of matches where the enemy I want to hit is just out reach, and subsequently losing a lot of mana, I realized something: Twisted Fate is The Gambler. In order to win money, you've got to pay money. It's more than just your average risk vs. reward. It's a literal aspect of his character.
  • Fridge Horror:
    • The Dominion Map, Crystal Scar, is described in backstory as being uninhabitable due to what amounted to a magical nuke being dropped on the place to flush everyone out and prevent diplomatic tensions reaching breaking point. In gameplay, it inflicts the permanent status "Crystal Scar's Aura", which boosts magic regeneration, makes champions take more damage, and makes them harder to heal. This isn't some Summoner-induced Competitive Balance thing, Champions (who still feel pain) are suffering from magical radiation poisoning while they're in the arena.
    • It rapidly becomes apparent when reading his backstory that Brand's body is just a burnt charred corpse controlled like a puppet... This also lends a terrifying edge to his line "This body is just one of many..."
    • Who created Nocturne? He was found at the Twisted Treeline, home to Thresh, who is a sadistic jailer, and both have similar death animations (struggling to stay alive in a really horrifying way). Nocturne was one of Thresh's finest creations.
      • Nah, that Treeline was a completely different one, near Zaun instead of the Shadow Isles one Thresh comes from. Noc probably comes from some alternate nightmare dream dimension that he rents from Freddy Krueger.
      • Given how the Treeline merge may have caused Nocturne to split from the Lantern and go do what he was meant to do by Thresh's orders: Kill and torture.
    • As noted on her character page, Jinx, while still shown to genuinely enjoy spreading her own brand of fun (Creating chaos and mayhem), also has that creepy, vacant stare that suggests heavy trauma beyond repair. Really makes one wonder what happened...
    • The very idea of Champions being friends or lovers is strangely horrifying. How could you want to spend any time with someone who was doing his or her very best to murder you a couple of hours ago?
  • Fridge Logic:
    • How does the bird Anivia wear her speed increasing boots? And why is she slower than everyone, even the zombie?
    • Why is it that Anivia, Cho'gath, and Rammus are the only non-humanoid but still bipedal champions?
      • It might just be a design choice to make most bipedal champions human-like. I mean, you wouldn't normally consider bears, gators, or trees humanoid, would you?
    • How come only Corki is the only flying champ who can actually be more than half a meter above the ground? And even that is not as high than Tristana's Rocket Jump?
    • Out of all the skills in the game, Poppy's Ultimate is the only one that does NOT MAKE SENSE. How the hell do you prevent others from whacking her or another champion with some unknown skill!?
      • Diplomatic Immunity, bitch!
      • Poppy already has a passive that shrugs off really powerful attacks. It simply channels her inner mental reserve to unspeakable levels except for her enemy.
    • Some of the components and corresponding results for advanced items are frequently fairly strange.
      • One example is the Will of the Ancients, which starts off as two books... which fuse into a gun... which combines with a magic wand to become another book... Book Ends?
    • Players shall either forever be confused how oranges remove all crowd-control effects on Gangplank, wonder if they could get oranges to work for them like that too, or just decide to forget about caring.
      • Runeterran Oranges, aka Gangplank while eating it also sprays a stinging citrus that is corrosive enough to ward off enemy champions' negative effects.
      • Scurvy is an illness caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C, a person with the ailment looks pale, feels depressed, and is partially immobilized. As scurvy advances, there can be open, suppurating wounds, loss of teeth, jaundice, fever, neuropathy and death (from wikipedia). It was a common illness among pirates, as fruit goes bad really fast, so it would've been a waste of space carrying rotten food on board. To treat scurvy, someone needs to eat lots of oranges, lemons, etc. Riot did their homework. What I DO wonder, is how Gangplank cures his scurvy with just a couple of oranges...
      • Runeterran Oranges, if you didn't read Gragas backstory, the oranges are magically infused citrus which have an even more beneficial effect.
    • How does Zyra, a sentient, malevolent, killer plant have no sense of morality but does have the instinct to form parts of her body into something resembling clothing?
      • To lure hapless male mages into her sweet embrace. Too bad unlike Maokai she derives no nourishment from consuming her prey (aka no sustain). Which is a fridge brilliance on why Zyra's plants don't heal her naturally.
      • Hang on, wouldn't it make more sense for her NOT to clothe herself then?
      • It's the only thing she knows when she created her body. She mostly would have learned that you can entrance others by teasing them more than you can by showing off the goods, which is what she needs to get others close, plus she is still, for the most part, a plant, and thus even if she learned the proper shape, she most likely wouldn't be able to replicate the actual sexual aspects of a real woman.
  • From this video: "Wait... how can I blind Lee Sin?" "How can [Corki] fly faster with boots?" "How can [Cassopeia] turn Malphite to stone?"
    • Well, to answer the last question, there are two important aspects to petrification. One is turning to stone; the other is immobility. Malphite might already be stone, but that doesn't mean Cassiopeia can't stop him from moving or slow him down.
    • If I remember correctly, the status effects and items actually affect the summoners. They channel the item effects into the champions and they are the ones blinded, etc.

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