Fridge: LEGO Adaptation Game

Fridge Brilliance

  • Watching the opening cutscene of Lego Batman, This Troper wondered what a perfectly sane catburglar like Catwoman was doing in Arkham Asylum, as opposed to a regular prison. Upon completing her level in the game (at the end of which Batman captures her by putting out a saucer of milk and she just can't resist lapping it up like a cat), he understood: this version of Catwoman thinks she is actually a cat.
    • She continues the Flanderization in the next game, where she runs on all fours. Also, traditionally Blackgate prisoner Penguin is in Arkham, too, for simplicity and convenience of plot.
  • In Lego Harry Potter, why can the generic Death Eater pick up Mandrakes, who paralyze people with their screech? Because he's a DEAF eater!
    • ...no.
  • In the Lego Batman 2 movie, Lex was still working with Joker after Joker double-crossed him and made the voters loyal to him, not Lex. Why? Because Joker offered to make Lex vice-president, who takes over if the president dies. Lex was planning to kill Joker. (Not that he would've succeeded, but still...)
  • In LEGO Batman 2, every returning villain (except Joker and Scarecrow) is a Degraded Boss. This makes sense when you think about it: in the first game, the villains had a plan to break out, so they already had equipment, gangs, and hideouts ready for them once they escaped. In the sequel, they escaped because Joker and Lex set them loose while escaping to keep Batman busy, so they were completely unprepared.
  • In Lego Marvel Super Heroes, I was bugged by why the Fantastic Four's Human Torch was in the level "Red Head Detention" and teamed up with Captain America until I realized that the original golden age Human Torch, John Hammond, fought alongside Cap against the Red Skull, the boss of that particular level!
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes features a cameo of Stan Lee as a prisoner in the Raft. You'd think that the creator of various superheroes like Spider-Man being in a high-security supervillain prison was just Rule of Funny... until you remember that he also created a Rogues Gallery for all of those heroes. He's in jail for creating all those supervillains!
  • Now at first you would think the Red Skull being a part of all this is No Swastikas / Disneyfication in action. But remember, neither Doom or Magneto or anyone else ever interact with or even acknowledge Red Skull's involvement. Except for Loki, who probably doesn't care enough to look into Earth's history and thus doesn't know to much about Skull's past.
  • This is possibly the first version of Galactus's coming to Earth that actually explains why he came down in New York, of all places.
  • This troper was confused by Deadpool's comment "Kingpin is offering low-price dental checkups! I HAVE NO TEETH!" Until realizing that he was referring to the fact that he is a LEGO minifigure, and minifigures (technically, if you don't count printed expressions) don't have teeth.
  • In the game of the movie, there are several alternate characters that are labelled as different costumes for Emmet, even though they are just generics in the game and the film proper. However, in the film, there is a minor plot point about Emmet's face being so bland and generic he could literally be any random minifigure in the LEGO universe.
    • This also lends itself to another plot point in the movie: Every minifig is special and unique in Finn's eyes. In the game, there are no bland, generic names for characters as there are in the other games (Except the robots, but that's because they're the minions of the bland, boring Lord Business.) Every character, from the Bricksburg residents to the Middle Zealand guards, have catchy names.
  • Of corse Batman's space suit is white. Helps him stay visible in the darkness of space, just like real astronauts.
  • In Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Deadpool provides hints, cheats and color commentary. Of all the characters, he would know he's in a game.
  • In LEGO Batman 3, why would Cheetah, after being captured and tied up, insult Wonder Woman on her outfit and her relationship with Superman? Because she's being catty.

Fridge Horror

  • The elephant you use to open the gate in "Pankot Secrets"... how is it supposed to get out?
  • In Lego Batman one of the Joker's unlockable outfits is a tropical tourist's garb, with a purple fedora, Hawaiian shirt and a camera. It's a funky little ensemble, until you realize that it was what he was wearing when he shot and crippled Barbara Gordon.
    • ...And yet Barbara is playable as Batgirl. In BOTH games. So it's really more Mythology Gag than anything else.
  • In Harry Potter a collectible type is "students in peril". No one seems to care about them no one notices them. Some just need to get something down or have a missing object, but what about the ones that are caught in devils snare or locked in the cupboard when the dragons destroying the towers?
    • Even when you know a student is trapped, you are powerless to help them until you get the right ability. In story, this can be years later.
  • The fight with The Vulture has you tricking him into hurting himself by flying through promotional materials for Marvel heroes. When you remember Vulture's an old man, it feels more like you're taking advantage of his senility.
  • Carnage is never seen again after escaping the Raft.
  • Croc says Dr. Fate's helmet was in his stomach from "yesterday's lunch". Poor Kent Nelson...
    • But he's a playable character in the game you unlock, most likely he was trying to freak Robin out.
  • The statue of Abin Sur at the Indigo Tribe might not make any sense in Beyond Gotham, but comics fans will know that it's because Indigo-1 killed his daughter. That's right, as per the comics Indigo-1 is a child-murderer as well as a total sociopath.

Fridge Logic

  • In LEGO Batman 2, Bizarro is a DLC character. He has the exact same abilities as Superman in the game. The problem is that his breath and Eye Beams are the opposite of Superman's. Superman has heat vision and freeze breath. Bizarro is supposed to have arctic vision and fire breath.
    • That is original Bizarro, who was just an imperfect clone of Superman, with all his powers and none of his smarts. It's not current day Bizarro, who is the literal opposite of Superman.
    • He's also a bonus character not integral to the game, so the developers probably couldn't be bothered to create two new effects for a DLC character, and they used some time making Black Adam's lightning, so perhaps they decided to skip for Bizarro.
  • In the movie version, I doubt Wonder Woman needed to be in her invisible jet for all those scenes. Holding up Wayne Tower, for one, she probably didn't need it for.
  • The subtitles spell M.O.D.O.K. with a K, yet he claims he's designed only for conquest.
    • It's probably a work-around to get him past the Moral Guardians.
      • Slave Leia and Carnage are in these games. What moral guardians?
    • This has been done before ('K for konquest') in other Marvel adaptations. In all probability, it's because they don't want to have a character shout 'I am designed only for killing!' in an age 7+ game.
    • M.O.D.O.K.'s name is usually left unexplained or his last initial is changed when he appears in kid-friendly adaptations. So here it's not much of a surprise.
  • It's also related to his goals. In a lot of works with that change, his plans are more on the side of domination and power then murder, so it does make some sense.
  • All of the prisoners to escape The Raft in Marvel Superheroes are defeated and re-captured... except Carnage, who can only be assumed to still be at large after the defeat of Doctor Doom.
    • Given the character we're talking about here, that might be Fridge Horror as well.