Fridge: Kingdom of Loathing

Fridge Brilliance
  • In Kingdom of Loathing, I though that the Mysticality classes both being cooks was just a cute theme, like how the Moxie play music and dance, respectively. Then it dawned on me: the Kingdom runs on food. meat is currency, a necessary material of creation, an important component of many items, and increases the possibilities of what you can do each day by giving you more time. It would make sense that wizards would take this power and use it. - Stinkoman87
  • In the Epic Weapon quest, you're told you need to get two parts of your weapon, quoth the Quest Log, "from the two oldest and wisest men in the kingdom, one of whom runs the casino." You go to the Casino to get one of the parts, and the owner of the place that you need to go see has got to be the guy from the Money Making Game, right? Actually, you get the item, a Big Rock, from one of the slot machines if you have a ten-leaf clover. The slot machine in question? The Lemon Party Slot. Cue both Fridge Brilliance and Squick. - Lime
  • You can't wear shirts until you get Torso Awareness. That means that there are a lot of topless people running around. - Zemyla
  • Lars the Cyberian is pure bad fiction. We know Mr. Skullhead can write good drama, as seen in the later parts of the Nemesis Quest and when you can play as Krakrox. But when you go to the 'claim your reward' option, it tells you that this story was written in dozens of minutes. The reward isn't the screw, it's the punchline to a long joke! - Stinkoman87
  • One more: I used to think that Sushi wasn't as good as food should be given the level of the area it's in and all the effort you have to put into getting the rolling mat. But it takes away the adventure penalty underwater for a time, meaning even the worst sushi effectively gives a minimum of 22 adventures, since Maki has base adventure of two, plus the 20 turns of Fishy. Not bad for only two fullness! - Stinkoman87
  • Toot Oriole = Tutorial -[[Captain Rainbowz]]
  • Most MMOs have enemies carrying around treasures they shouldn't logically carry. Ko L solves the problem by cutting the middleman and making Meat the currency.
  • In the Heavy Rains path, the kingdom is inundated, and most bosses are replaced by water versions... except Ed the Undying, who curbstomps his doppleganger. What was one of the pharaoh's duties in Ancient Egypt? Control the Nile's inundations. He already knows how to deal with high water.

Fridge Horror
  • While you're doing the Deep Fat Friars quest, there are four friars in the grove. If you talk to them, they mention that "Brother Starfish" screwed up their ritual and let monsters sneak in through a Hell Gate. As soon as you seal the gate, Starfish apparently vanishes, and there are only three friars left. Was he... a component of the ritual?