* "I hear area 102 is twice as secret as area 51!"
51 X 2 = 102, Two times indeed.

[[AC: FridgeHorror]]
* Ever wondered why Coop's mother [[http://glamourkat.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps#/d3aqdkz never appeared nor mentioned?]]
* The final episode reveals that the Kats take over planets, ruin them, and move on to another one, and are too selfish and lazy to bother cleaning up after themselves. The one they're currently on is the fifth one in ''10 years.'' How many planets have they been through over the species' existence?! They're also trying to take over Earth, and it's very likely that Earth would turn into a barren wasteland as well.
** Made even worse when you consider the current ecological problems in ''real life...''