Fridge: Kara no Kyoukai

Fridge Brilliance
  • The titular song of Singing In The Rain shows up a few times, the second time as a definite A Clockwork Orange shout out. But the first time is different. That's just Shiki and Mikiya standing together with both of them truly happy. Now, in the film the context of the song is this; of a cynic who's so madly in love that everything is brighter, so much that he can sing and dance in the rain. Now, Shiki's personality and her view on life is definitely cynical. And then Mikiya walks in and makes her whole world brighter. If you put that logic to that scene, it becomes a million times more heartwarming.
    • The Mirai Fukuuin OVA continues this with SHIKI humming it during his last appearance after being told that his Dream (aka Mikiya) will go on by Mother Mifune. Appropriately, this is with rain falling down.
  • The title of the work ("Kara no Kyokai") refers to Shiki, specifically, to her physical body, which represents the outer boundary confining the proto-substance of the Void/Emptiness for as long as she lives. The "Garden of Sinners" subtitle refers to the cavalcade of various evil creatures (humans and otherwise) seen throughout the series, one of whom is Shiki.
  • The Taiji in chapter 7: When Mikiya visit's Shiki's apartment, he receives a call from her on her own phone... coming from his house (to which Shiki demanded a key in chapter 5). So not only are the contents of their conversation important, but the context is also highly symbolic and represents how deeply intertwined and basically inseparable Shiki and Mikiya's (yin and yang, respectively) existences have become at that point. It also foreshadows that even if he is never able to forgive Shiki for becoming a murderer, Mikiya will also never be able to abandon her, no matter what she does.