Fridge: Kantai Collection

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Kongou failed as Episode 5's flagship because, although she's a skilled combatant, she has about as much tactical acumen as an overripe tomato. Proof? Play the game and see how often she aims for (and massively overkills) the enemy destroyers rather than shooting the really dangerous targets. (Granted, the same is true for virtually every other ship. But somehow it's more obvious when you hear BURNING LOVE.)
  • Rendering Kongou's nickname for Fubuki as "Bucky" makes more sense than making it "Buki" because Fubuki means "blizzard". Bucky? He became the Winter Soldier.
  • Why is it so hard to make the Abyssal Fleet stay down? Well, the IJN actually had the very same problem with Allied fleet during World War II. CV-5 USS Yorktown was reported to be sunk 2 times before she was torpedoed by a submarine shortly after Midway. IJN announced that they sunk CV-6 USS Enterprise three times, leading to a nickname "Grey Ghost" for her tenacity. Even in Perl Harbor, battleships West Virginia, California, Nevada, Tennessee and Maryland sunk by initial attack, were returned to service after extensive repairs.

Fridge Horror:

  • The fact that the Kanmusu are Anthropomorphic Personifications makes them capable of feeling fear, pain, and grief, as some fanart has attested to.
    'Kongou: Do you hear that, Hiei?
    Hiei: Eh?
    Kongou: The voices that echo across this boundless sea. Those girls' screams of horror, of lamentation, of resentment, and of their fear of death.
    —"The Eventualities of Weapons That Learned to Love", by Ikezaki Misa. (Found on Danbooru, link not provided since Danbooru isn't safe for work.)
  • As they are pretty much people, what do you think happens to these girls when you 'scrap' them? Can you imagine 'crafting' one of them? There is a lot of implied Body Horror going on, such that some fanworks, especially the nsfw ones, go into great detail about the darker element of fielding what are basically heavily armed girls. Indeed, it's popular in some doujinshi to depict the girls getting arms or legs torn/blown off when their ship-selves take serious damage.
    • Some fans suscribe to the theory that Ship Girls are basically summoned kami of the warships, and "scrapping" removes their warship powers and turns them into mundane humans. Some 4chan users immediately imagined a shoreline where many duplicate-summoned Nakas that had been scrapped were trying to float on the water as shipgirls but failing. One user immediately followed up with a short paragragh detailing a scrapped shipgirl trying her hardest to float on the water as a warship, failing, and starting to cry while chest-deep over the loss of her warship abilities. The shorelines of the areas around a very scrap-happy Admiral must be very depressing indeed.
  • A very popular fan theory (so much that it's started to creep into a few official publications) is that the members of Abyssal Fleet are sunken Fleet Girls that Came Back Wrong as a result of their resentment for the carelessness or incompetence that caused their demise. And since Fleet Girls can be replaced by making new ones, it would be mean that, unless the Fleet Girls manage to wipe out the Abyssal Fleet with no losses, or vice versa, both sides would be condemned to an endless cycle of battles.
    • The anime all but confirms this. Kisiragi is sunk in episode 3, and the One-Eyed Wo-Class appears in episode 6. "Yorktown" is Kisaragi. When she is slowly sinking, she repeats "Give it back" and we are treated to a shot of Kisaragi's hairpin surfacing from the waters.
  • A lot of long time players know that it's nigh impossible to NOT get Fubuki before getting Nagato, Mutsu, the 4 Kongou Sisters and Kaga, and yet the anime shows that this is the first time the other girls seen Fubuki in the base. Doubled with the fact that she received her Kai Ni upgrade in January 2015, which only then gives reason for some admirals to keep her, fan theorizes that the Fubuki we saw in the anime may not be the first one to be posted to the naval base, but the first one to be used actively. Suddenly having Gen Urobuchi as a guest writer may not be too far stretched anymore.
    • However seeing as the Admiral uses Mutsuki-class destroyers in combat operations makes it implausible.
  • Episode 11 of the anime has a horrifying implication. Through her dreams, Akagi remembers her final battle and sinking. How many times has the same war been going on, over and over?
    • Airfield Princess's lines in Episode 12 confirm this: "Sink... again and again ."