!! FridgeBrilliance
* [[spoiler: Hajime's feral instinct might reflect his true identity as Joker, the ''wild''card.]]
* Leangle actually seemed to get ''stronger'' after the Spider Undead was sealed the second time, even though he didn't get a stronger form. Why? The Catagory Ace had an influence on him because it wasn't sealed correctly the first time, after being sealed correctly, the system could fully use his powers.
* There's a couple situations that seem to be deliberately ironic reversals of things seen [[Series/KamenRiderFaiz last year]]. In ''Faiz'', the Riders were the doing of [[spoiler: the original, good leader of the evil organization]]. In ''Blade'', the Riders were the doing of [[spoiler: the original, evil leader of the good organization]]. Also, in ''Faiz,'' PoorCommunicationKills. In ''Blade,'' the MonsterOfTheWeek impersonating Riders to sow discord [[spoiler: is resolved very quickly by the characters checking with each other and assuming the ''obvious''.]] In ''Faiz'', the cast would never ''dream'' of doing that, and such a situation would've resulted in everyone hating each other for ten episodes, surely. Don't know whether that's an affectionate nod or a TakeThat.
** Given that the guy who wrote the episodes with the MonsterOfTheWeek impersonating people is the same person who wrote all of ''Faiz'', it's possible that it's something of a SelfParody.