Fridge / K-On!

  • This troper always thought it was interesting that although Yui was the main character, it was Ritsu and Mio who restarted the light music club. But then she realized that the foundation of a rock song is the kick DRUM and BASS. It was the drummer and bassist that (re)-founded the light music club! Also, the most important relationship in a rock song is the relationship between the drum and bass. Out of the club, it is Ritsu and Mio who have the strongest and longest-established friendship.

  • Figurines of a tortoise and a rabbit decorate the staircase railing of the main characters' school and at the top of the staircase is their music clubroom. The main characters later adopt a club pet, a turtle. The moral of "The Tortoise and the Hare" is "slow and steady wins the race." HTT's members are extremely lazy and don't take practicing seriously yet always pull off brilliant performances nonetheless.

  • It never happened but a plot point in the restarted manga is that Azusa is Hollywood Tone-Deaf. However this wouldn't translate as smoothly to the anime, where on a meta-scale she has albums where her voice actress was singing just fine in character.

  • Who are the other two members of the Occult Studies club? They need a minimum of four…right?