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Fridge: Justice League Unlimited
Fridge Horror
  • In the Justice League Unlimited, "The Once and Future Thing", Chucko has been outfitted with a ballcycle for moving. This ballcycle begins at the waist down, which means Chucko is now devoid of certain equipment...
  • When the Watchtower's Wave Motion Gun was hacked by Luthor and fired at Cadmus' underground base, the real horror was the shock wave of the blast which caused a massive quake that turned the surrounding city into ruins. It stated that nobody died, but you can bet they'll be trapped under layers of rubble for who knows how long? Even worse is that there were no superheroes coming to dig them out...
  • What would have happened if Spy Smasher had not taken the super soldier serum from the Nazis in World War II?
  • How about the Superman and Darkseid fight in Destroyer? Where Superman casually tossed Darkseid through multiple skyscrapers? Now, in Metropolis, everybody probably heads for the basement when a metahuman fight starts, and the alternative was far, far, far worse, but still...
  • In the Justice League Unlimited, "The Greatest Story Never Told", most of what was sucked into the black hole comes out again, but not the two paramedics or the other people we hear getting sucked in offscreen.
    • It's because it was offscreen that we don't know they were sucked in. They could've jumped out of the way.
  • Rewatching the episode where The Flash beats the everloving hell out of Brainthor and nearly gets sucked out of reality throws up another smaller one. When they pull him out Shayera has a hold of his wrist, not his hand. Which could easily mean that when Shayera told him to take her hand...
  • If anybody understands Superman's "World of Cardboard" Speech then it's the Flash. When he swaps brains with Lex Luthor in The Great Brain Robbery we get to see all the powers he keeps tucked away and while they're played for laughs in the episode, they're clearly just as lethal as Superman's, if not more. Just thinking of what a gone-dark-side Flash could do if he wanted to...
    • Not exactly fridge horror if you remember Zoom.
      • Zoom doesnt have Flash's powers, he has a form of time manipulation masqurading as super speed.

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