[[AC:Fridge Brilliance]]
* During Creator/GrantMorrison's run on ''JLA'', the Ultramarines were introduced as a "proactive" superhuman fighting force, which eventually became a global peacekeeping force. As an apparent part of Morrison's TakeThat against UsefulNotes/{{the Dark Age|of Comic Books}}, the Ultramarines are told, after their flying fortress is devastated by Gorilla Grodd, that their proactive stance doesn't work, and why. {{Angakkuq}} only recently realized that they were being set up for this purpose. The name of the flying fortress, essentially a floating city, was Superbia. This appears at first glance to be a somewhat-uncreative name for a micronation run by superhumans, but in fact, it's Latin. [[BilingualBonus Latin for "Pride".]] Y'know, as in "goes before a fall"? Genius.