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* The Shadowkhan are rarely consistent in how effective they are: [[ConservationOfNinjitsu sometimes a handful are more than enough to subdue Jackie and crew, other times they aren't of much concern]]. During the fourth season, which delves into their history and how Shendu had control over them, you realize that they are effectively puppets. Whenever they are actually competent (such as when Jade inadvertently gained control of them) is because their controller is nearby and can better direct their efforts. All the other times they are on long range missions and are simply not as independently "smart".

* Season 4: Why were Episodes 9-12 of 13 throwaway episodes? Because Tarakudo was chilling on his ass waiting for the nine masks to be united! If you assume that each mask is harder to find than its predecessor (which would explain why Tarakudo and the Chans were always after the same mask) then Tohru (who only has a major role in episode 11) must've been struggling to locate the last mask for most of that time (maybe waiting for a potion to ferment or something during "The Good Guys") and, since Tarakudo would've been happy to wait on the Chans, they had time to deal with the Enforcers, Drago, Chang, and Daolon Wong whilst slowly locating that last mask.
** This is corroborated by Ratso in "The Good Guys" when he says that they're on vacation. Clearly Tarakudo gave them vacation because they weren't needed for mask fetching ''or'' the world domination plan after the masks are united!

* In the episode The Chosen One, (where Tohru is believed to be the Chosen One of the Ben-Shui Order,) there is a moment in the fight scene at the end where Jade is handily mastering the former Chosen Oneís hiking stick, alluding to the bombshell dropped at the end of the episode that mentions the possibility of her being the Chosen One instead of Tohru. The Dark Chi Warriors break the stick, promoting Jade to say "There goes my chi." At first glance this may be viewed as simply saying "Iím screwed", but upon the reveal at the end takes on a different meaning, what if she was aware that it actually was her chi (since the Chosen Oneís chi is one and the same with the next-in-line) that left the stick? Then, she inadvertently ends the fighting in a YouShallNotPass moment by yelling "Leave him alone!" at which point the awakening ceremony is ended. Again, it could be coincidence, or the Chosen One subconsciously ending the ceremony to protect her friend from being killed.

* In the beginning of the 'Animal Zodiac' arc, why was Scruffy chosen to become a vessel for the talisman of immortality? Why not a purebred dog? Because Scruffy is a mixed breed, the canine JackOfAllTrades. What's more, mixed breed dogs have something called Hybrid Vigor, which makes them less susceptible to genetic health problems, pretty symbolic of the talisman's immortality charm.

* In The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute, the story focuses on the concept of the Three Wise Monkeys. "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." Tohru becomes blind, Jade becomes deaf and Jackie becomes mute. But some versions of the concept portray not Three, but ''Four'' Wise Monkeys. The fourth monkey symbolizes "do no evil" and is portrayed as keeping hands crossed. Now, Uncle ends up being victim of "do no evil" curse when Daolon Wong traps his body from the neck down to the idle. He could still see, hear and speak; but aside from turning his head around, he couldn't do anything else.
** Later, when the Three Monkeys are opened, Tohru, Jade and Jackie are hit with the spells while Uncle is left unharmed. The episode is played for laughs, but if you think about it, the reasons for the Jackie, Jade and Tohru getting their specific disability describes them and their actions. Jackie's muteness is because he talks the most out of the group and no one generally listens to what he says too much. Either that, or he's nearly yelling his head off in battle. Jade is deaf because she doesn't listen, is talkative in her own way and looking ahead for results in her problems. Tohru is the hardest to think of, but when you remember that Tohru is a chi wizard in training (and having trouble with that), his 'magical eye' isn't too open, rendering him blind. As for Uncle, he is completely unaffected because of the kinds of training with Chi Master Fong. He listened to his master's commands, he was open to the magical possibilities when he was young (as seen in "A Night at the Opera"). When Uncle is speaking, it's to those who aren't magically aware, which annoy Uncle constantly.

* In Day of the Dragon, as Jackie is packing up to go to Hong Kong to stop Shendu, Jade says to Jackie, "Jackie! I have to come with you. I'm an essential part of the J-Team! The cunning one?" You would think that was a mistake on the writer's part, since the Chans are addressed as the Chan Clan and J-Team hasn't made their official debut yet. But that line makes more sense because Jade had already created the J-Team ahead of time. She was telling Jackie ahead of time in case he lost against Shendu. It comes into play too. Uncle comments after the fight that since Shendu is destroyed, a greater evil will take his place, in season 2. What's one of the episodes names in the second season and who makes their epic debut? The J-Team.

* In Black and White and Chi All Over, Drago says to Jade that he'll "come back for her later". Apparently, Drago ''had'' taken his revenge upon Jade, but no one paid attention too much to see it throughout the rest of season 5. Actually, he had already tried to but failed, thanks to Ms. Hartman and her Sky Demon Chi transformation in "The Demon Beneath My Wings".

* In Relics of Demons Past, after Drago gives the Enforcers part of his fire chi to be his henchmen, they ask Drago what they're going to do. Drago replies with, "A fan." If you listen carefully, Finn and Ratso are confused by Drago's request. But you hear Ratso saying, "Oh boy." ''Ratso knew exactly where Drago was going with this''.

* In Weight and See, Jackie and Uncle arrive in Canada and the chi-o-matic briefly acts up, to which Jackie thinks it's because of the new containment jar. Uncle frustratingly replies that the containment jar isn't the problem and it's there to contain more than one demon chi. If the viewer had seen Black and White and Chi All Over, Uncle adjusting the Chi-o-Matic makes sense. But the new containment jar wasn't the issue; Uncle just hadn't tested the chi-o-matic enough with new containment jar. Later on in Weight And See, when Jackie and Uncle don't find the Mountain demon chi in their pile of chopsticks Uncle says he will "run tests", which he does. These tests allow Uncle to be able to get the Mountain chi and shortly after, claim Drago's Fire chi also. The Mountain chi was the last of the 7 free demon chi to be discovered, and with Drago's inherited chi from his father, that makes 8. This means Uncle was planning on making a ''double'' reversal spell for the remaining two chis from the beginning, and Jackie, Jade ''and'' Tohru didn't suspect a thing.

* In Re-Enter the J-Team, Chang was betrayed by the J-Team (Tohru especially, since he was one of the competition winners). Changís plan in Attack of the J-Clones as revenge makes sense; with a clone, he could manipulate the emotions, trust and friendship of the J-Team. When Viper was the first to be framed by a clone, Jackie was hurt and disappointed to think Viper had gone back to being a thief after the events of "Enter the Viper" and "Origami". When Paco found the El Toro clone stealing jade from the museum, he was hurt to think El Toro was supposedly not who Paco admired him to be. When Jackie and his clone were tested by Captain Black, Black was hurt that his good friend of 6 years couldn't remember his birthday. When Uncle was trying to find another J-Clone in Section 13, Tohru was sad thinking the J-Clone was him when it wasn't. Even El Toro was hurt when "Paco" was revealed to be the J-Clone Uncle had sensed. Chang played the J-Team by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

* The ring of fire surrounding Jade and Drago just before their final fight in J2: Rise of the Dragons seems like something from what Jade and Drago remember of their first fight. Either that, or it's an animation error.

* It's funny how Jackie and Captain Black has the most trouble when it comes to accessing magic and doing something simple like firing a blowfish, while a younger person like Jade has a lot of luck (sometimes a little too much). It's not just a RuleOfFunny; it applies to their skepticism. Captain Black completely denied its existence in Season 1 upon seeing Shendu. Jackie has doubts in chi magic and prefers to face the villain of that episode with his hands rather than with something he can't trust and isn't too sure about. Hence one of Uncle's catchphrases, "He never listens!"

* It's no coincidence that Tohru's hair is qualified as "Hair of Samurai". Ancient Samurai are warlords who are suppose to be undyingly loyal to their Damiyo; their masters. Samurai without masters were Ronin instead. Tohru is already a warrior, and has faithfully served all of his masters (even the evil ones) with undying loyalty, so it makes sense why his hair would qualify for the spell.

* It's funny how '''J'''ackie and '''J'''ade start with the same letter. Same for '''C'''how and '''C'''harlie, '''F'''inn and '''F'''rank and '''R'''atso and '''R'''ocko.

* Think back to the first time Jade was called "shrimp" in season 1's episode Bullies and her reaction to it. The moral in that episode was to put aside your extreme emotions in order to be in control of yourself and your actions. Fast forward to season 5, when the Ice Crew repeatedly call Jade shrimp and her reaction then. Jade has learned quite a lot from Bullies.

[[folder:Fridge Horror]]
* The Dark Hand. For most of the series, they're depicted as a [[LaughablyEvil comically]] [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain incompetent]] [[TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily gang]] who have constantly failed to steal magic treasures for their {{evil sorcerer}} clients. But still, they've always [[NotSoHarmlessVillain tried (though failed) to use lethal force against the heroes]] ([[WouldHurtAChild including Jade and Paco]]). This should make anyone think more about their overall malice...
** [[OffstageVillainy The full extent]] of their non-supernatural criminal activity is unknown, but is likely quite unsettling. Way back in the Season 1 premiere, Captain Black described them as [[TheSyndicate an international criminal organization]] that was connected to every form of crime. Not to mention that in one episode of Season 2, Valmont and the Enforcers were sentenced to ''50 years'' in Hollowlands Maximum Security Prison.
*** This could imply that Valmont and his associates were involved with some truly shady or despicable crimes such as gambling, prostitution, murder, arms/drug/human trafficking, etc. Because this was a kids' show that was subjected to censorship, we'll never really know what they did.

* If Jade wasn't there to warn Jackie about him walking to his doom, and if Jackie hadn't woken up in time to stop himself from falling off a building in Project A for Astral, the results could've been disastrous.
** Most of Project A for Astral is FridgeHorror. Imagine your astral form being free and having a demon take possession of your body, making you stuck in astral form as long as ''your'' body is being inhabited. Not only that, but no one would be able to see or hear you; you can only appear in someone's dreams to get help, and who knows if that certain someone can remember anything in their dream when they wake up.

* In The Stronger Evil, Chow fires the [[{{Animorphism}} Monkey Talisman]] at some Section 13 agents, turning them into rats. ''We have no idea'' if they were ever changed back into humans!

* The [[RealityWritingBook Book of Ages]], the [[StoryBreakerPower most obscenely powerful artifact]] on the show, is also the most mysterious one. We have absolutely no idea who created it, or just ''why'' it can allow ''anyone'' to [[RewritingReality change any event in history]], as if they were vandalizing a wiki article.
** Even Shendu's siblings, a family of divine demons, were initially afraid of abusing it, considering any [[ButterflyOfDoom potential calamity it may cause]]. It's quite fortunate that after Shendu rewrites it and Jade later reverses the changes, that [[ForgottenPhlebotinum nobody seems to remember about it]].

* When Uncle trapped Daolon Wong's Dark Chi Warriors, Daolon Wong went and transformed Finn, Ratso, and Chow into his new Dark Chi Warriors. What if this is how he got his original Dark Chi Warriors? Even worse is the fact that he transformed Hak Foo who had no Dark Chi Warrior predecessor. Being able to transform Hak Foo implies that Daolon Wong can enslave ''anyone''.
** If the original Warriors were [[WasOnceAMan once humans]], would the Enforcers have eventually become just as [[EmptyShell silent and emotionless]] as them, if they had never been freed by Uncle?

* In Attack of the J-Clones, an evil wizard - who is never seen again - creates magical duplicates of the five members of the J-Team. These magical duplicates are flawed, but they are also morally good just like the originals. The evil wizard brainwashes the J-Clones into being evil, but in the end of the episode they are turned back to the side of good and fight alongside the J-Team originals. But after this, they are never heard of again. {{What happened to them|ouse}}?

* When Jade and Tohru are given the [[MarkOfTheBeast Mark of Tarakudo]] as a tattoo, their skin turns blue and eyes red, just like the Shadowkhan. The FridgeHorror kicks in when you realize that most or all tribes of Shadowkhan might well be humans and other lifeforms who were ''also'' given this tattoo, meaning all the Shadowkhan are actually victims of TheCorruption, and also ''slaves'' to Tarakudo.

* In The Powers That Be (Part 2), Drago and the Ice Crew are crushing Section 13's forces, with Drago having all eight demon powers joined as one. During Drago's destruction of San Francisco, there were no visible on-screen deaths, but what about the (very likely) possibility that many people died off-screen?
** Considering that some powerful demons were going on a rampage in a major city like San Francisco, it's very likely that [[TheUnmasquedWorld the supernatural is no longer a secret now]]. In fact this was sort of lampshaded, as Captain Black tried proposing a (very unconvincing) cover story about a "meteor shower" to his superiors over the phone.

* In The Shadow Eaters, when the Mini-Shadowkhan monster walks down to the subway to eat all the people's shadows coming out, imagine all the "dead" (unconscious) bodies lying on the floor of the subway platform.
** Chow was one of the "dead" bodies that had their shadow taken. Ratso and Finn must've been worried sick about their friend. Yes Tarakudo probably explained to them why Chow was like that, but it still must've been scary to see their friend almost dead.

* In The Amazing T-Troop, Scruffy gets hit with Tarakudo's fatal telekinesis hits and is thought to be dead. He wakes up not too long afterwards, giving the episode a happy (and funny) ending. There's not a happy ending anymore because Scruffy is never seen in the series afterwards.
** Maybe Uncle just forced Jade to give him up for adoption.

* In Day of the Dragon, Captain Black can't explain Shendu to Uncle, who gets mad and says that there were thousands of demon sorcerors in the past that have ruled. Fast forward to season 2 (and season 4, if Oni count) that there are many demon sorcerors who have ruled. The Chinese demons were just the tip of the iceberg at the time.

[[folder:Fridge Logic]]
* Why was Jackie arrested in Enter The Viper? He wasn't caught inside the museum, nor was he caught with any stolen property. The cops just found him running down the sidewalk in front of the museum and slapped cuffs on him.
** Because he was dressed like a cat burglar and fleeing the vicinity of a crime. Also, he ''did'' have stolen property: the Pink Puma gem.
*** Although he doesn't end up with the Pink Puma for long, after all Jade ended up with the gem. Which brings up another question, why did the police take him to jail if they discovered that he didn't have any stolen property on him?
*** Perhaps they felt that he was still an accessory to the crime itself. He did look like a burglar, maybe they felt that he was assisting in the crime, which is still a crime. If anything, they should have had him in for questioning only as he may know who did take the Pink Puma, but Jackie wouldn't tell the police it was Jade would he? They may have held him for "further questioning" after he refuses to give Jade's or Viper's names at the police station. That could explain why he stays in jail until Viper breaks him out.

* Why is it so amazing when El Toro removes his mask during Fright Night Fight, and why do they hide his face in shadow when we already know what he looks like? His mask has come off more than once previous to this episode.
** It was because this was being done by him himself, rather than another person. Plus it's to the drama for Paco, since El Toro did it to convince him to remove the Oni Mask. Paco idolizes lucha libre and would follow every tradition to the letter, so it was very crushing to see his hero willingly break the number one rule.

* In Season 1, it's noted that, in the episode focusing on it, the Rat Talisman is the most important to regain for Shendu, as it will allow to escape his statue form, though he'll only return to full strength with all talismans. However, in the season 1 finale, he regains all talismans except for half of the Tiger talisman, yet despite having the Rat talisman, he doesn't escape his statue form. He only becomes animate again once the second half of the Tiger talisman is regained. Inconsistency?
** It is tied to the power of the Tiger Talisman. It ''balances'' the other 11 talismans! So long as he lacks the complete Tiger Talisman, he can only use ''one'' talisman at a time.
** He probably chose not to activate it until he had all talismans, it's not like he is a mindless statue, he is still capable of thought and able to use the sheep talisman, so he must be able to make sure the talismans do not do something he does not want them to.
** Good guess, but actually, it was specifically stated that the spell that sealed him away required ALL the Talismans to break, which was why they were scattered across the Earth in the FIRST place!

* While Dog Talisman is supposed to give the power of Immortality, it's been proven time and again that it also gives NighInvulnerability, of no damage taken variety. It's been shown consistently that while attacks can still hurt, no amount of deadly energy (proven when the Moon Demon was attacking Dog-bearing Uncle in Book of Ages storyline) can give the person so much as a scratch.
** And as one webcomic (unrelated) shows, the best keeping method for this kind of talisman is to swallow it whole.
** Jackie was able to hurt an immortal Shendu in season 1.

* As the last episode of Season 1 and the first episode of season 2 show, the Dog doesn't TOTALLY eliminate pain and injuries (not to mention the episode that introduced it, where Uncle was knocked out while wearing it), pain and injuries are more Horse Talisman territory.

* Did the Book of Ages contain a scripture of Shendu rewriting the book itself, etc?

* Tohru is rather EasilyForgiven by the Chans after everything he puts them through during the 1st season. (Once he almost [[WouldHurtAChild cut Jade's stomach open while she was conscious]].) But it takes a long time before Jackie starts trusting [[ClassyCatBurglar Viper]] (whose actions weren't nearly as heinous as Tohru's) even slightly. El Toro was using the Ox Talisman for his own benefit (no worse than Viper), yet Jackie never distrusts him afterwards. Why these contradictions? Because Jackie believed Tohru's reformation to be genuine because he saw how Shendu almost killed him. And he was there to see El Toro's change of heart. He didn't witness as clearly Viper's choice to turn straight. And the fact that her overall attitude hasn't changed much doesn't help the matter in Jackie's eyes.
** He also is reluctant to believe in Finn, Ratso and Chow's attempts to reform after having fought against them for so long (understandably). But he still starts to believe them slowly (ironically right when they decide to give up being honest). And during the GrandFinale, he places Jade in Hak Foo's hands (probably because the mercenary decided to fight alongside the J-Team). Both of those cases are a pretty short time of giving up trust issues. It only makes the length of his distrust towards Viper more noticeable.
*** Everyone reformed were men, except Viper. Perhaps Jackie is trying to deny his attraction towards a thief.
** Viper was a thief of ancient artifacts. Jackie, being an Archaeologist, would probably be the least trustful of such people since they often destroy historical records to get at the valuables.

* In the episode "The Dog and the Piggy Show", Jackie groans when he finds out that he has to go back to Bavaria. Fridge Logic comes in when you realize Bavaria is where Jackie found the shield with the Rooster Talisman, where all the magic trouble started.

* There's the very popular theory that Drago may be [[HalfHumanHybrid half-human]] because he has five fingers, is small in size, and has red irises; while Shendu has four fingers, is large, and his eyes are fully red. But demons like Hsi Wu are small in size, demons like Tchang Zu have five fingers, and the Japanese Oni demons have colored irises. Plus, it wouldn't really make sense to call Drago a demon hybrid, because when Uncle took out Drago's Fire Demon Chi in "Weight And See", Drago maintained his demon form but lost his powers. If he was a true half-demon, Uncle's spell should have taken Drago's dragon form also, turning him into a human.
** Uncle's spell would have taken Drago's dragon form if Drago had been a human empowered by Fire Demon Chi in a similar way to the Ice Gang. If he really is a hybrid or a full-blooded demon, the spell wouldn't have taken his default form along with his powers.

* Drago and Shendu are born in China and know a multitude of Chinese spells (and presuming, the language), but are able to breathe fire. Why is this a problem? Chinese dragons don't breathe fire, Europeans dragons do, therefore making Drago and Shendu [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Chinese-European mixes]].

* In Showdown In The Old West, Valmont, Ratso and Finn make up the Dark Hand, Chow being the only one absent. Since he is of Asian descent, there's a good chance he was still in Asia with his family. That, or Chow ''was'' in America, but because of his 'railroad worker' status, Chow couldn't join the Dark Hand.