Fridge: JLA: Act of God

Fridge Horror
  • For JLA: Act of God, it was bad enough when Wonder Woman was so distraught over the loss of her powers that she contemplates suicide. It gets even worse when you see the ending and realize Diana was pregnant at the time. Even Linkara missed this until a viewer pointed it out, and his reaction was pure Fridge Horror.
  • If Kyle's Lantern Ring was permanently shut down, what happened to active lanterns in the vacuum of space and on duty?
    • At the time Kyle was the only Green Lantern period, so that wasn't an issue.
  • Or hell, what about the Atlanteans who were outside the city? Did they get mulched into paste?
    • Considering Arthur was half-human, the other Atlanteans could still be safe.
    • And the other non-humans? Since the Martian Manhunter, Superman and Starfire all lost abilities that are natural to their species, I wouldn't be too sure about that...
  • Think about it, with no superpowered heroes, or anyone using anything more technologically sophisticated than melee weapons, next time a cosmic power like Darkseid or an alien invasion comes along, all that's going to be standing in their way are a handful people who know karate, who, unless Doug Monech is writing, are going to die in about five seconds, assuming the bad guy even bothers to deal with them.
    • Maybe not in Darkseid's case if the blacklight event wasn't limited to Earth. Maybe Darkseid never invaded because he lost his powers as well.
      • But Darkseid, his powers aside, is the ruler of Apokolips, a planet filled with sadistic Physical Gods and highly advanced technology. Unless the blacklight also have messed wit Apokolips Tec hnology like it did with the Green Lantern Ring, Darkseid still has enough resources to invade earth at any time he wants to.
      • Darkseid is now mortal, and can now be killed by any one of his subjects with a gun or a knife, and that kind of situation would make him reluctant to even leave the confines of his palace, left alone leading armies to invade distant worlds. Even if he could, a suddenly powerless Darkseid is probably going to be kept busy struggling to maintain his rule on Apokolips for least a few years if he can manage it at all. Planning invasions would have to wait.
  • Why the hell would Lex Luthor look for a way to market superpowers to the public? Didn't he hate super-powered beings in the first place? Why not keep them to himself? That would've been more consistent with his personality.
  • And why would the Batman-trained heroes even bother delivering Luthor (DC's champion-king of string-pulling, ass-buying, and loopholes) to justice knowing full well that corruption, and lawyers are not super-powers?

Fridge Logic
  • How does this even work? Shouldn't Diana cease to be? Same with anything Magitek or based on it? Isn't the ability for the aliens to exist on earth itself a power?
  • Whatever happens to Superman's Fortress of Solitude? I mean, isn't it superior to the Bat Cave in terms of technology, kryptonians being thousands of years more advanced than humans and Jor-El being one of the most brilliant scientists on Krypton? Couldn't Supes use it to still help humanity?
    • Given that the only entrance to the Fortress of Solitude is locked by a key that only someone with superhuman strength could lift...
    • Well yea but Steel was still alive at the beginning of the story. For that matter so were Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. We have to assume Cyborg was alive as well since his powers are technology based. Hell for that matter its been shown in the past that Batman has a robotic exoskeleton in the Bat Cave. Why did none of them unlock the Fortress?
    • Or why didn't any of the Fortress robots automatically sense the problem and come out to retrieve Clark Kent like they did that time when Superman died?