Fridge / Iris Zero

Fridge Brilliance

  • The main trope page, under Personality Powers, mentions that Sasamori is an aversion to that trope because her powers are about judging people and she's the least judgmental person in the school. This may be because Sasamori is one of the few people with a "functionally optional" power. Yuki, as an example of the opposite, always sees a lie whenever someone lies. Hijiri always sees the black butterflies of death if death is coming. Sasamori, however, doesn't see if someone is qualified to do something unless she asks the question in the first place. Thus, she has had room to grow around her power and have a new perspective. Her Iris might have taught her as well that everybody is good at something.
  • When Houjou shouts at Sasamori that she as a School Idol will never understand how hard it is to confess, he doesn't refer to his confession to Kuga, but to his unrequited love for Sasamori herself. He is furious because he will never be brave enough to tell her and feels Sasamori mocked him about it. It also gives a new view on his anger toward Toru. Toru's the guy who ruined his relationship with Kuga and, despite being on the bottom of the Popularity Food Chain, manages to get Sasamori's attension, when Houjou had to work hard to get anywhere and still failed.