Fridge / Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Fridge Brilliance

  • In the end, Matthew is hiding in the dark, and we see a pod person shining a flashlight around his hiding place. The flashlight gets aimed at the camera, washing it out with white, and then the film cuts to Matthew walking through town the next day. We later learn that he has been assimilated, so that part where the flashlight hits the camera lens is Matthew getting discovered.
  • Kibner wears a leather carpal tunnel brace on his hand. Earlier in the film, Jack complains that Kibner publishes a book every six months. Kibner writes books so quickly, no wonder he's got carpal tunnel syndrome!

Fridge Horror

  • The ending of the original film. Yes, Bennell did finally succeed in getting the word out, but can the fighters stay awake for long enough to oust the invaders? Will they start hallucinating or die from sleep loss?