Fridge / Immortal Defense

Fridge Brilliance
  • The first campaign seemed like bog-standard sci-fi with a dash of Contemplate Our Navels, its second seemed like a well-executed but ultimately cheap excuse to hook potential buyers by the curiosity, and its third seemed like a hopelessly clear-cut case of Deus ex Machina and Snap Back. Only once I completed the whole thing did I realise that the first campaign seems like that because K is seeing himself as a sci-fi hero and we're Through the Eyes of Madness, the events of the second campaign are in fact the centre of the whole plot and only happen to come at the end of the demo version, and the third is K beginning his incredibly long, ponderous and sad case of Mummies at the Dinner Table, which isn't a Deus ex Machina by any stretch of the imagination. Incidentally, campaigns four, five and six were briliant the first time round. - Arborean