Fridge / Idiocracy

  • The "average" IQ score falls below 100, despite 100 being the definition of average IQ. However, this could very well be the result of the testers not adjusting the scoring system to account for everybody's stupidity, because their intelligence has diminished as well.
    • Or maybe Joe's IQ dwarfs their IQ and the narrator is in fact mathematically accurate.
  • Dr Lexus attempts to comfort Joe Bauers by telling him of other 'tards' living 'kickass lives' - including one who became a pilot. Given the inverted logic of the tests, this isn't just a throwaway line - people sharing similar traits to Joe (ie, normal intelligence by modern standards, or close to it) might well be out there doing the jobs that are just a little too complicated for the rest of the population. Certainly there's someone out there at least smart enough to fly a jumbo jet during the film, although since it gets shot down we'll never know if they were smart enough to land it.
    • And given the technical skills needed for repair, upkeep, and especially navigation and ground support of planes, commercial flight would likely be as disastrous as we see even with perfectly competent pilots.
  • The question involving buckets may sound Easier Than Easy, but it could actually be a test of common sense and patience. The question begins with "if you have a bucket that holds two gallons, and another bucket that holds five gallons", an impatient person would blurt out "seven". A patient, rational person would wait for the question to end, allowing them to hear, "how many buckets do you have?" It could actually have been a good trick question.
    • Similar questions are also part of competency exams, though they usually are more involved than counting the buckets.
  • Maybe part of the reason for the decline in intelligence and capabilities is that the best people were sent off to colonize other planets and were thereby removed from the gene pool.
    • Nope; the movie is very clear about it. This decline is because dumber people "breed like rabbits" while smarter people have few children.

Fridge Horror

  • The stinger in which Upgrayedd emerges from his hibernation pod. This is a man who is used to living by his wits and his ability to manipulate people into doing what he wants. He is so terrifying that Rita fears him 500 years into the future, constantly stating that Upgrayedd will find her and get his money. Now, this man is in the future, surrounded by people who literally live on their selfish whims and desires and a ready market willing to buy whatever Upgrayedd will sell. It's truly horrifying to think what kind of empire he will have in a few years, being sent into a world almost tailor-made for a man of his skills.
    • That Rita fears him is a Running Gag, but the stinger shows this is wise. Presumably, as the smartest woman alive (and pretty clearly smarter than Joe), she's likely safe from him — and is implied to have years to prepare.
  • A woman tries to buy some fries from a Carl's Jr. kiosk. Though she clearly paid, the box that comes out of the dispenser is empty. When she argues with the machine that it didn't give her anything, the machine responds by spraying her face with some kind of mist that instantly turns her docile (and she eventually just wanders off). Meanwhile, her two children are left there, while the kiosk states "you are an unfit mother, your children are now the property of Carl's Jr." The machine couldn't give food it didn't have (as a result of the mentioned dust bowl), yet charged the woman anyway, and then stole her kids because she couldn't feed them. How many kids ended up being corporate property this way? Brrr!
  • None of the problems presented in the movie will be fixed quickly enough to save the millions that will die shortly from malnutrition and disease. Joe may find himself President of an empty world unless drastic steps are taken.
  • Brawndo is about one of the only things anyone in the future drinks, and in one scene, a mother is seen force-feeding a bottle of it to her baby, with the baby trying to shove it away. It says a lot about the future if infants are smarter than adults, at least enough to know that this drink is bad for them...
  • What if the avalanche didn't uncover the pods? Joe and Rita would end trapped in them in some unspecified time, when something causes the pods to warm up.
  • "And what about the nuc-"nucular" reactor in Florida? It's broke and leaky and something's happening." Uh....
  • One of the Cabinet members ends every sentence with "brought to you by Carl's Jr." explaining that they pay him every time he does. How do they know he's saying it?

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.