Fridge: Great Expectations

  • In David Lean's 1946 adaptation of Great Expectations, one lone thread in the intricate web of character Backstory is left out: Compeyson's status as the man who jilted Miss Havisham isn't mentioned. Except...Lean probably removed it because doing so eliminated a plot hole. Specifically, Compeyson can't be of the right age to match the description of a young man which Magwitch inadvertently gave to young Pip if he's old enough to have been a peer of Miss Havisham. Lean put more thought into the matter than Dickens did! -Ziggy Zag
  • This Troper will be honest: Great Expectations? Not her favorite book in the world. However, she does approve of the ending, and it wasn't until recently that she figured out why: having Estella marry some random doctor is an unsatisfactory cop-out, no matter what Dickens thought. Pip and Estella have to end up together because Miss Havisham messed them both up so much that they're the only ones who can possibly understand each other. They deserve each other. Really.