Fridge / Ghosts 'n Goblins

Fridge Brilliance
  • In Ghosts 'n Goblins, Arthur's armor is easily breakable, it's armor, why would it break like that? It's because he's fighting demons, of course they'll be able to break the armor!
    • It's actually been shown that when Arthur fights non-demons, his armor still shatters in one hit. However, the flipside to this means that the armor will take ANY HIT before breaking. Shown to full effect in Project X Zone.

Fridge Horror
  • Why is Arthur half-naked with Prin-Prin in the middle of a graveyard?!
    • Though it could be that the armor isn't very comfortable?
      • Why is Arthur with Prin-Prin in the middle of a graveyard?!
  • The second level of Ghouls n' Ghosts has Arthur coming into a village that's being burned to the ground. He then comes across giant piles of human skulls before entering. That the demons use as projectiles against him.

Fridge Logic
  • Arthur owns a horse in Ultimate G'nG, yet he chooses to walk the entire way to Astaroth's lair?
    • Considering in the arcade version of Ghouls n' Ghosts that nearly the first thing to happen upon returning after three years to save the kingdom is his horse getting disintegrated right before Prin-Prin gets shot as well, he probably didn't want to risk it.
  • From the original Ghosts N' Goblins, why is it the blue shield is supposed to be powerful enough to take out the final boss "The Devil", but isn't strong enough to take down any other minions like the "Satans" or "Unicorns"? Wouldn't that be like in Super Mario Bros. is Bowser was weak against fireballs, but fireballs were worthless against Hammer Brothers or Lakitus?
    • It's probably a very specific characteristic of the shield that makes it powerful against the Devil and primarily so, not that it has enough raw power to damage him and anyone else weaker. Think of it like an Infinity +1 Sword with a special enchantment that specifically pierces the Devil's unholy defenses and none of his minions'.