Fridge / Get Smart

TV Series

Fridge Horror
  • In the 1989 Made-for-TV Movie, Max says that the twins are both in college. In the 1995 Sequel Series, their daughter is nowhere to be found. Which is worse — that she's dead, or that they had some horrible falling out and are now estranged?
    • Or the twins are the older siblings to a second set of twins — Andy Dick and the twin sister he mentions to Siegfried's daughter.

2008 Film

Fridge Brilliance
  • I winced all the way through the the scene in the Get Smart movie where Max is in the airplane bathroom, trying to undo his twist-tie handcuffs with the weird little ballista tool in his Swiss Army knife. It seemed so stupid, so weird and gratuitous and painful-looking and I just couldn't figure out why it was in the movie at all, other than for shock value. Then three hours later at dinner I realized that the joke was that it was a Swiss Army knife, and he could have cut the handcuffs off at any time with its perfectly normal function. DUH. Suddenly a nauseatingly painful and unfunny scene became hilarious. — kenaz
  • Note the scene of someone watching Batman Begins. A show with a cheesy TV series in the '60s and a more realistically grounded depiction in a recent movie. Sound familiar yet?

Fridge Logic
  • While attempting to cover up KAOS' nuclear lab, 23 states that there is no evidence of a weapons lab and that it was just a bakery. A bakery defended by machine gun-wielding security guards who shoot on sight. No one addresses this.
    • Could have been a gang safe house that was used to make it look like a legitimate weapons lab. Somehow I think the Russian mafia would have a similar shoot-on-sight policy to KAOS.
    • Actually justified due to 23 being The Mole, as he likely warned the lab techs before arriving, and lead the search to deliberately avoid any evidence.
  • After Max escapes custody in the lab, he tells 99 they've been compromised. Did she not clue in when he was shown surveillance footage of her and said she must be lost, or when he tried to bluff about their having backup?
    • I figured that was just Max being Captain Obvious
    • She did seem to be shocked. I figured the radio really only worked when Max spoke feedback-inducingly loud.
      • The radio only hears what's inside Max's mouth. Max only ASSUMED he had to be really loud.