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Fridge: Galactic Civilizations
Fridge Brilliance
  • The Drengin AI in this Galactic Civilizations 2 game seems to be utterly retarded. For example, it singlehandedly forces a galaxy wide peace treaty and then immediately declares war. It kills the ships defending a planet and then avoids taking it over. At the end of the game, it turned out the AI was performing The Plan all along— if the player's race had been eliminated, the Terrans would have immediately won a diplomatic victory. Every AI race knew this and manipulated the lone holdout to their advantage. Except the part where the player researched immortality while everyone else did all this.
    • Actually, Wordof God is that it was an AI glitch rather than an intentionally programmed behavior, but as a GalCiv player myself, I've noticed that there are times when said "AI Glitches" have really eerie results. One game I played I was a trade-based race who wound up allying with the space-thugs. Because my military was so weak, everyone would declare war on me without considering the fact that I had the most powerful military force as my ally. It later occured to me that I'd been playing Mafia Don to my allies. . .
  • In Twilight of the Arnor, why does the base Terran colony ship have a rotating ring with the colony modules on it? Simple - planets have gravity, and the easiest way to get gravity in space is to have things spin. The colonists are being kept from adapting to zero gravity so they take less time to get used to the new colony world! ...That and it looks cool.

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