Fridge / Full Metal Jacket

Fridge Brilliance
  • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman really cared for private Lawrence. He knew how slow and soft and dim-witted Lawrence was, and that he would in all likelihood get himself and his fellow soldiers killed. Hartman did his best to give Lawrence an environment which would make him tough enough to survive. Hartman even shows pride in Lawrence later on at the rifle range and proclaims that the private is now "Born again hard!" The training just worked too well.

  • It's really Joker, not Lawrence, who is unfit for service. Joker finds a clearly unbalanced man in the head loading a rifle (a violation of at least three regulations), and makes no attempt to either disarm him (the rifle was empty and leaning against a wall when Joker finds him) or alert the MPs to someone loading a rifle in the head, which results in a DI getting killed and a recruit killing himself. Though given the situation (Pyle's larger size compared to Joker, the rifle leaning against the toilet tank and not accessible to Joker but well within Pyle's reach, Pyle's mental state and potential to go berserk, etc) Joker freezing up and not doing anything isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • Why do the two halves of the film seem like two separate movies? Because it shows how different war and boot camp are. They may try to prepare you for what happens in war, but training and trying to shoot people while they try to kill you and your comrades are not the same thing.

Fridge Horror