Fridge / Fruits Basket

Fridge Brilliance

  • For pet owners, the fact that Kyo hates leeks, onions, and miso makes perfect sense - those foods are dangerous for cats and should be never given to them. The Zodiac animal within Kyo is merely negatively reacting to what are, instinctively, health hazards.
    • As for Haru, pay attention and you can tell he's the Ox before he reveals it himself. Oxes/bulls are known for attacking with their heads/horns right? How does Haru initially attack Kyo when he angers him? By ramming him!
    • Similarly, Kagura's first scene has her smash through Shigure's house wall to get to Kyo. Now what animal is known for charging head on at a target? Lampshaded by Shigure
  • You know that New Year's dance Yuki was so ashamed of? Well, it turns out that there are actually two members of the Zodiac that dance together, the "old year" and the "new year". Since the Ox follows the Rat, Yuki would have danced with Haru.
  • If you think about it, the real origin of God and the zodiac, the story of the zodiac that's known, and the state of the Sohma family makes a lot of sense. In the real story, the Cat was good-hearted, but God and the other animals didn't want to hear what it had to say. Instead, they chose to believe that the Cat was betraying them, and spent countless reincarnation cycles hating it. This is why the person possessed with the Cat is the scapegoat of the family - the rest of the Sohmas don't want to acknowledge all of the problems they have, so they vent all of their hatred on one person, for something that's not their fault. Meanwhile, the zodiac legend was told to show the Cat in as bad a light as possible - as a gullible idiot.
  • The Sohma Curse itself is one giant case of this. Once you realize that the actual curse isn't that they turn into animals, but that they are tied into an everlasting bond, where they both fear and love, hate and want, their relationship with their God and Family. It only gets better when the symbolism of this playing out like a Coming-of-Age Story is made clear. Everything about the Sohma Curse works to reinforce these themes in such a brilliant way, especially Kyo's place as The Cat as partially stated above, this troper can't ever stop thinking about it. "Time changes and people, too. And what was once a bond became a curse."
  • While Kyo could never defeat Yuki in a fight, Kyo did win against Yuki in the sense that he was the one Tohru fell for. Yuki even points out in-universe how he could only make Tohru react like a blushy little girl, while with Kyo, she acted more like a 'woman', and Yuki would try, and fail to get the same response from her.
  • A lot of the Dysfunction Junction surrounding the Sohma family stems from issues with their Abusive Parents. Who better but Tohru, the Team Mom, to be the one to help them through it?
  • The previous Cat was Kazuma's grandfather. Which means he probably ended up with another Zodiac member. The brilliance comes in regards to the relationship between Kagura and Kyo. In the past, for selfish reasons another Zodiac member got together with and had a child with the Cat of that generation. In the present, though Kagura fell for Kyo, she realizes her selfish feelings and steps back, refusing to make the same mistake as the previous generation.
    • Kazuma's grandfather was isolated from the rest of the Sohma family in the Cat's room however, so it would have been difficult, if not outright impossible for anyone who wasn't the God of his generation -assuming the God was alive when he was (it was mentioned that for generations, not all of the Zodiac members were born around the same time)- to visit Kazuma's grandfather, much less any other members of the Zodiac. Kagura stepped back because she realised Tohru's feelings for Kyo were of a more pure reason than her own.
  • The Reveal that Yuki sees Tohru as a Parental Substitute is Foreshadowed by how he treats her compared to Kyo; he doesn't get flustered around her and is always calm. Not something you expect anyone to be around a Love Interest.

Fridge Horror

  • The effects of Akito mind raping Kana. Allegedly, after the ordeal, she spent all of her time sobbing and blaming herself for Hatori's eye injury, no matter what Hatori said to her. Don't get it yet? Kana was driven to clinical depression.
  • What did Akito do to Kisa that put her in the hospital? It certainly wasn't just knocking her to the ground (unless the ground was really far away).
  • Momiji's mother rejecting her newborn son after he changes in her arms sounds unnecessarily awful, especially compared to Hiro's mother who loves her son.... until you realize that a newborn lamb is still cute, but a newborn rabbit looks like a HAIRLESS RAT, which could certainly disgust her. She could've easily KILLED her own son in numerous ways while he was in that form.
    • Taking the above into account, what about Yuki and Ayame's mother whose sons could change into a rat and snake, neither animal which could be considered cute. Might explain why she acts cold and detached from both of her children. In fact, the only reason why she hasnt disowned either Yuki or Ayame is due to relatives of the Zodiac being granted high status and financial recompense

Fridge Logic

  • How can Yuki consistently best Kyo in fights, but be so weak and ill the rest of the time? You might possibly chalk it up to an adrenaline rush, but the backlash afterwards should put him in the hospital.
    • Unless this troper missed something, Yuki was only very sickly and weak when he was a child. By the time Tohru (and the audience) sees them fighting, and Yuki kicking Kyo's ass, they're both young adults, and Yuki seems very healthy and active.
      • As I recall, he still has weak spells (They have to carry him to school and bring Hatori in to examine him at one point.) Maybe he has improved, but it still seems a stretch that he could match a martial artist that's constantly training...
      • You don't have to be physically strong to be a skilled martial artist, it's more about technique. Yuki is alot more tranquil and focused than Kyo which usually makes for a better fighter than one who is driven by simple rage and just blindly attacks.
      • Also, the cat can never defeat the rat— when Kyo and Haru first fight, Yuki explicitly says to Tohru that Kyo probably is stronger against Haru. This seems to imply that the curse is interfering whenever Yuki and Kyo fight.
  • Wait, a minute, Hatori is completely blind in one eye. Why is he the most competent driver?
    • Well clearly, Shigure is so horrible a driver that a man blind in one eye is better behind the wheel than he is.
      • And the other people old enough to drive would be Ayame (Hatori at one point refuses to let him drive), Ritsu (ha!), Rin (probably hasn't had time to learn), Kagura (possibly) and Akito (who gets Hatori to drive)
    • Maybe that's why he drives a foreign car.
    • There is one other Sohma old enough to be a possible driver - Kureno - but at least it makes sense as to why he doesn't drive. Namely, Akito both tries to segregate Kureno from the other Sohma as well as keep him from leaving, so Akito probably did everything possible to prevent Kureno from learning.