* Minor example; Momotarou's drop in performance during the Samezuka training sessions in episode 4 actually quite nicely illustrates his favorite proverb - "even Homer nods". "To nod" here actually does not mean the motion you do to say yes, but actually the one when you fall asleep, that is "nod off". The proverb means that even a genius (or an excellent athlete such as Momotarou) sometimes turns in inferior work compared to what they usually deliver.

* If we take them separately, Makoto and Rin's [[DarkandTroubledPast backstories]] are already pretty traumatizing for a small child. Now if we look at them together we see that they have quite a lot in common: [[spoiler: Both lost someone they cared about, Rin his father and Makoto the old man he was friends with, in a typhoon that sank their boat three kilometers off the coast. In episode 6 we see Makoto clinging to Haruka as a funeral part walks by and in episode 7 Rin is seen with Gou being part of one.]] Coincidence? [[ThereAreNoCoincidences I think not.]]
* More like "Fridge Sadness" but, Makoto accidentally murdered his goldfish. Goldfish are ''supposed'' to live a decade at least but his died in a very short period. He obviously didn't know how to take care of them despite the fact he loved them.
** There's also the fact that they were "festival prize" goldfish, which are often unhealthy. There is a significant possibility that they were already sick and he couldn't save them... which might be even sadder.