Fridge / Flushed Away

  • Fridge Brilliance: It seems rather odd that the Queen of England would have fake jewels while a random surburban family has real jewels, but then again, we're never shown where the ruby Rita's after came from. It's entirely possible that it was just any old fake jewel from say, a craft kit.
    • To add to that, who says the jewellery Rita receives at the end are real? Roddy taps the ruby on its side, where there is incidentally metal. As said, it's odd for a surburban family, even a rich one, to possess so many real rubies and emeralds and pearls...
    • Given that it is stated, repeatedly, that Roddy's home is in the Royal Borough of Kensington where a terrace house can easily exceed £20,000,000.00, it's not unusual for a family in such an area to own real jewels.
  • Roddy's owner leaves an entire box of food in his cage, so she's not going to be surprised that the rat living in the cage is now much fatter.
  • Fridge Logic: The film takes place under London. So why does Rita's mum have an Irish accent and why do her siblings all know Irish step dancing?
    • She probably hails from the Emerald Isle itself. The sewer under London IS treated like a city after all and it's hardly uncommon for cities to have people of different cultures and nationalities living there. Even taking into account that we're talking about "animals" and not humans, the American tourists would verify that it's not impossible for rats to travel that distance...