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Fridge: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Fridge Brilliance
  • The phantoms were such that the main characters could be walking around in the wilderness, no enemies in sight, when suddenly they're besieged out of nowhere.
    • They can be considered amongst the details that hurt the film, but in the same vein as Random Encounters the film tried to give reasons for a lot "taken for granted" details of Final Fantasy games that you would expect adaptations to simply not worry about: Showing the reasons why monsters don't enter cities, why the settlements are so uncommon and spread out are two details that stand out even more than the Random Encounters.
  • So the movie has next to nothing to do with the games its based on... the games that also have next to no real relation to each other beyond the title.
    • ...and some kind of fantasy setting in an imaginary world. Placing your first movie adaptation in After the End Earth may not have been best move.

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