Fridge / Fahrenheit 451

Fridge Brilliance
  • One of Mildred's first lines is to ask for a Fourth Wall in their parlor, showing her desire to literally and figuratively surround herself in fantasy to shut out the real world.

Fridge Logic
  • Why, when everyone else ignored her, did Montag listen to Clarisse? Clarisse says that he's the only one that's listened to her... so why Montag?
    • Law of Averages, mostly. No indoctrination program sticks 100%. Clarisse herself is an example of that. Montag just happened to be the guy who listened...and of course, he's the one the book follows, because he's one of the odd ducks. Montag was also incredibly frustrated and bored with his life, so he was ripe to listen to anyone who was just as fed up as he was.
  • One for the tie in game: After Montag fights his way into the library and frees Clarisse, the two grab some microcassettes containing an archive of all the books that the New York library system had. They break into an office, upload the contents, but are trapped and die horribly by the Firemen, immortalized as martyrs by the Underground. However, there's a last "Leave Your Quest" Test proposed by Clarisse after getting the tapes, but before the fatal upload. Taking it means you abandon the Underground, and get a Non-Standard Game Over. However, why isn't grabbing the tapes, hauling ass, and uploading them in the safety of an Underground safe house not on the table?