Fridge / Evil Con Carne

Fridge Brilliance

  • It's Evil (Hector), with meat (Boskov).

Fridge Logic

  • If Hector is nothing but a brain in a jar, how in the world did he manage to conceive a child with Ghastly? Advanced science could not have been in play, because they were stranded on a desert island during Destructicus' conception. Certainly Ghastly didn't have to do it with Boskov, instead!?
    • When pre-time travel Hector lampshades this, present day Ghastly attributes it to "the miracle of love".
    • One wonders why no comment has been made as to how exactly an explosion managed to incinerate all but a man's Brain, Stomach, and two of his teeth; how his brain and stomach were in close enough proximity to each other to be found by Ghastly within the time organs can survive outside of a body or some kind of stasis; and why the teeth were so far away from the brain and stomach, yet so close to each other. And also how Hector and Ghastly hoped to reattach Hector's face without the rest of his head. Or even how the expected his face to have survived the explosion and be blown so far away from the brain. And then we're back to the teeth issue. And why can't they just clone him!?
      • Clearly because then there'd be two Hectors, and a mad race for supremacy of Evil Con Carne would ensue.
    • Besides, this show was clearly not meant to run on silly little concepts like logic.