Fridge: Empire

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     Comic book 
  • Fridge Logic: A series of flashbacks show Golgoth began his world conquest in Australia, and then taking Japan, Russia, Europe and even the United States. Why then after all that, does the book begin with Golgoth conquering New Zealand? Why leave it for last? Shouldn't that have have been much higher on the list?
    • Why? With the exception of Egypt, every place Golgoth has left is an island with a small population: Madagascar, Greenland, New Zealand. And NZ in particular is tiny and has little in the way of military forces - not to mention a largely pacifistic outlook (geopolitically speaking). Why not leave it?

     The Series 
  • Why Lucious gave Andre the Little "No" regarding the latter's candidacy for interim CEO?
    • He knew his diagnosis with ALS will eventually leave him temporarily incapacitated as he is the CEO of Empire Records and was obviously aware that an interim CEO would be installed just in case. Having revealed his diagnosis to Andre and the rest of the family about his diagnosis an episode prior, he gambled that Andre would've tried that. He was right.
    • In fact, Andre was cheating his way for the head chair, although knowing his father was gonna choose the successor.
  • If the undercover agent killed by Frank Gathers was instead your everyday drug buyer, Agent Harlow Carter or the Feds would have no purpose associating with Cookie, who would've never gotten out of jail.
  • Lucious and Olivia have the same skin complexion and Lola, their daughter, is darker?
    • It is not unheard of of a child being a different shade of skin tone than their parents being that it is possible of inheriting genes that make one a different shade from an earlier generation. This troper here comes from fair skinned and dark skinned parents yet still came out darker!
  • Expy: Lucious is Jock Ewing, as both characters were founders of the company, patriarch of their families and strongly dislikes their middle child.
    • Andre is JR Ewing, both qualifies as the "Well Done, Son!" Guy and wants to take over the family business by any evil means necessary.
    • Jamal is Gary Ewing, both suffer from Middle Child Syndrome and are the The Unfavourite to their fathers while the opposite to their mothers.
    • Hakeem is Bobby Ewing, as both are the youngest in their families, heavily spoiled and favorited by their fathers and disliked by their eldest brothers, competing for their father's respect
    • Baretti is Cliff Barnes. Both men wants to destroy their main rival companies due to past conflicts.
  • In "Who I Am", What Cookie means by "she knows her rights", Agent Harlow Carter or any other Fed can't force her into testifying against Lucious.