* "Benny the Bouncer" off of [[Music/EmersonLakeAndPalmer ELP's]] ''Brain Salad Surgery'' is often treated as a gag-song, a silly filler with Greg Lake singing in a ridiculously Mockneyish voice while Keith Emerson is playing a honky-tonk piano and rinky-dink synthesisers. The song itself is about [[CaptainObvious a bouncer named Benny]] who meets his fate during a fight with a fellow named Savage Sid. If you focus on the lyrics, however, the song becomes much more macabre, as it describes Sid cutting apart Benny with a switchblade and a hatchet. The worst part about it is that it's stated the crowd who watched the fight tried to "put him back together" but was unable to because he was missing pieces, suggesting he was ''[[AndIMustScream still alive]]'' for a short time after he had been cut into bits.