Fridge / Elysium

Fridge Brilliance:

  • The song Jan Pierewiet is a traditional, pirouetting dance tune (that's the "Pierewiet" bit). The words "Jan Pierewiet, Jan Pierewiet, Jan Pierewiet staan stil; Jan Pierewiet, Jan Pierewiet, Jan Pierewiet staan stil" can be seen as directions, for all they're mostly nonsense words pretending to be a name in Afrikaans: so, "step, pirouette; step, pirouette; step, pirouette — stand still... (repeat)". What would rebooting do to Elysium for a few minutes? Switch almost everything off... so it technically stands still for a few beats, before actively starting to turn again (there are other, unsung verses that have "draai om" in them instead of "staan stil"... or "turn around", in English). At the point of singing it, Kruger knew this.
  • Carlyle only sending one droid out to face off against the attackers initially. Obviously he'd have to put up some kind of resistance, and once the attackers destroyed the first one, they may assume that he was free for the taking. So while they have a false sense of security and come out from cover, his second droid could then ambush them. And it seemed to work well, as Max and the others have a little more trouble fighting off the second droid, and had it held out long enough, Kruger and his men would have arrived, killed them, and saved Carlyle.
  • If you play Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons, you might be savvy enough to note that each of the three villains falls into one of the three evil alignments: Delacourt is Lawful Evil, Carlyle is Neutral Evil, and last but not least, Kruger is Chaotic Evil.