Fridge / Duck Soup

  • Fridge Horror: There is a scene where they choose Pinky to go out and defend the fort, but they accidentally push him into a closet full of ammo. Taking advantage of this, Pinky sits down and has a smoke, but the cigarette lands on a barrel of gunpowder and immediately causes all the ammo in the room to explode. Pinky bangs on the door (even though he's not really mute he doesn't think to scream) but everyone still thinks that's a door out and barricades the door. If Pinky hadn't broken through, he would have died.

  • Fridge Horror: So in his song about how he will run the country, Firefly says that if a woman is cheating on her husband, is caught, and still prefers the other man, the husband would be executed. At first you think nothing of it, but later when Pinky seduces the lemonade stand owner's wife, she tries to get rid of her husband. The implication here being, he will get executed, all because he tried to break up a fight that was taking place in front of his lemonade stand.

  • Fridge Nausea Fuel (or maybe just a more literal case of Getting Crap Past the Radar): When Groucho gets his head stuck in a vase, he comments "Last time this happened to me I was crawling under a bed!" Then consider that he (and probably a good share of the film's original audience) grew up in an era where chamber pots were still used...