Fridge / Drop Dead Gorgeous

Fridge Brilliance

  • After Hank bursts into tears, Harold says, "Nice, John. That's real nice. You know the baby-sitter's dead!" This is a reference to developmentally disabled brother killing her or otherwise causing her death, the incident for which he was acquitted, as mentioned earlier in the film.

  • Kirsty Alley's character is wearing a tiny crown in her hair while announcing the winners of the Mount Rose Miss America Teen Princess Pageant. She's never let go of winning; she probably wears it every year.

  • Why didn't Mrs Leeman go to state, despite winning her pageant? Because she got pregnant with Becky.
    • Given how the film's events are set in 1995 and the contestants are 17 years old, which would put Becky's birth year as 1978, the year Gladys Leeman won the contest.