Fridge / Dredd

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Dredd usually makes Anderson walk in front, keeping her in his field of vision as part of his evaluation of her. However, Dredd moves her back and takes point whenever things are about to get really dangerous, like before they breach a door. At that point, their mutual survival takes precedence over the evaluation.
  • When Kay fantasises about shooting Anderson during a Battle in the Centre of the Mind, he's imagining himself using a Lawgiver. Guess he really did always want one of those...
  • Kay doesn't know that the Lawgiver would backfire on him because judges don't go to Peach Trees and the gang has had no experience dealing with them or their equipment.
    • Additionally, Lawgiver specs are most likely highly classified. If perps knew about the self destruct function, they would attempt to find workarounds, which has happened in the comics.
  • Dredd's stalling for time with Lex. How did he know? Anderson sent him a psychic message to inform him she was close.

  • Why would Dredd bother to give Ma-Ma a dose of Slo-Mo if he was counting on the transmitter being out of range when she hit the floor? The Slo-Mo doesn't just slow down the brain's perception of time, but probably the heart rate as well. Unlikely as it would have been, it's possible that Ma-Ma could have died of a heart attack before she hit the ground and while the transmitter was still in range.